Monday, May 15, 2006


I seriously miss my time I had back in Kuching. There were times at night when my friends and I who happened to appear like we have nothing better to do would just go around the places and have supper, or simply just a glass or drink. No, not the alcohol kind of drink, "decent" and **ahem** just plain coffee that kind of drink.

Well, in Perth, it is rather, different. There are no such places like kopitiam, with open spaces and cheap plastic table and chairs, serving cheap coffee and tea. Here, all we get are Coffee Bean and Starbucks look-alike (and cost-alike, mind you) places, with cozy atmosphere and fancy decors complete with all those dim yellowish lighting that makes you want to fall asleep if everyone stop talking for longer than usual. Yeah, the luxurious coffee places. As interesting as these places can get, unfortunately there are NO Starbucks and Coffee Bean in Perth. Heck, even a jungle like my hometown, Kuching has a Coffee Bean now. Kuching boleh !!

You get all kinds of the expensive coffee places here in Perth, like Dome, Gloria Jeans, and the local ones but of equal competency such as Oriel in Subiaco and Tiamo, which is very very near the place I am living now. Ok, maybe it is expensive to me since I still think of the prices comparatively to the Malaysian Ringgit conversion. Heck, I am a poor finacially broken kid, of course I would calculate my flow of cash relatively to Malaysian Ringgit !!

When it is a Saturday night, when the mood of studying fades away, when being all alone in the boring room is becoming too depressing, when the engineering academic stress is piling up, when the urge of wanting to talk cock and just hang out with good buddies overcomes every other priorities, yeah, we would usually end up in one of those expensive coffee places, since we can't find any cheap places similar to the kopitiams back in Kuching !!

Tiamo, the most frequented coffee place nowadays...

The Iced Mocha I had recently at Tiamo..

I may miss Kuching yum cha sessions with my old buddies a lot, and believe me, those times where precious and simply irreplaceable, but I have also found something new and fresh. Though the lifestyle and lim teh sessions here are generally far more expensive than Kuching night outings, but hey, we stressful, over-pressured, insanely busy 24/7 university students need to relax and unwind from time to time. Heck, even machines need to rest and cool down.

Me and my beloved housemates having a limteh session at Dome, Northbridge, on one of the Saturday nights after dinner. Appearance in order: Thiam, Jak Yew and Me, me, mee

I do not know why, I do not know when, I have developed addiction to coffee. I am not sure if thats a good thing, I have always liked coffee, but just recently I crave for them. Maybe it is the cold weather. But I guess partially it was due to the myssterious appearance of Nescafe Expresso in my house beginning of this semester, and I had like one glass of hot expresso every night ever since I discovered the existance in my kitchen. It is the aroma that keeps you stimulated. There is something in the coffee smell that arouses the senses. Now, do not think dirty.

Piping hot Cafe Latte, anyone?


  1. addicted to coffee ok lah as lonf as its not addiction to drugs!

  2. hey wuching,
    yeah, i guess thats true.. caffeine is much less harmful than drugs

  3. hrm. kopitiam or starbucks. kopitiam or starbucks. yeah, the price does matter but i prefer a more cafe environment than our local al-fresco dining. i hate coffee. so, i hate your pictures too. teehee.

  4. hey cheng sim,
    ahhaa i really miss the kopitiam styles back in malaysia...
    anyway.. coffee rules !

  5. ehhh tiamo! near trinity or back then was kingswood college!

    miss hanging out there. but my fav is always oriels not becos of the hot chocs but becos of the shoe string fries with aeoli!

    becos i am not a coffee drinker, back in kuching i love my 3 layer teh si peng! yummy


  6. hey chrissieee,
    yeah, i would prefer oriel as well, will blog bout that place seperately !! but tiamo is near to the place i am staying, so go there often

  7. Dear is good and caffeine is the best ingredient when comes to studies. Support coffee! We should go to bing coffee house in Kuching one day when you come back.

  8. hey kenjj,
    ohh gosh, Bing is like one of the coolest places to have coffee in kuching, yeah, we must go there when we are in kuching... hehehehee