Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A change is good

I can feel the season changing now. Though it is still very warm in the day, it gets F**king cold at night. Believe it or not, I am find myself still shivering right under a layer of thick blanket, topped with another layer of quilt. I should be wearing more layers of cloths to sleep. And when I wake up in the morning, my bed is so warm that I just do not feel like getting out of it. This is so not helpful to my intense mood of laziness lately. Man, I just cant imagine how it is going to be like at places that snow heavily and have temperature as low as -30 degrees, for example, Russia !! I have skipped a few lectures, and I am not proud of doing so. Discipline, Robin, discipline !!

Well, I just hope I wont lose my hair in the side effect of long time exposure to the cold like the trees losing their leaves. Heck I do not want to lose hair at those special areas too....

The season has changed, so should my blog. If you guys are too blind to notice, this blog has undergone a major face lift. I spent bloody two hours getting everything right, and maybe more time fixing other stuff, patching up the unexpected errors. Alright, I think I may have exaggerated. This shall sound more appropriate: I have done a few changes to my blog, and here are the main changes:

I have switched the chatterbox/shoutbox/tagboard, whatever you want to call it. I previously used shoutmix, and I thought it was quite reliable until he site shut down completely few days ago!! Celaka besar... all my previous messages on the board was just.....gone !! and I had some really sexy babes leaving messages there

The main body entry page is now wider, much MUCH wider. I guess I broaden the column to reduce the effect of congested feeling from the narrow column I previously had. And I think the words are more readable now.

The sidebar is now more organised and less cluttered. Oh yeah, changed the color of the matrix thingy too to match the overall layout.

I have fixed the header problem, previously there was a mysterious white line cutting across my head. Now it is gone. I still used the same header image, since it is so straight to the point, I was looking to the sky. Credit goes to Chun chow (click) who took that shot accidentally back in Cottesloe beach in 2004.

I have stopped the shaking effect on the thumbnail images at the sidebar, since people find it rather annoying.

On the whole, the main concept of the blog is still maintained, SIMPLICITY, which is the main theme. Apparently Chin Kian (click) is focusing to simplicity too, heck I think many bloggers do the same. Blogs should be kept simple, clean, neat, and straight to the point. Save the fancy designs, we are more interested in the content of the entries. Of course, good designs would always be a bonus plus over the crappy ones.

What I have maintained so far:

White background, pure, clean and beautifully plain white. Same characteristics as I am. Aheeeemmm... with a hint of grey and orange there and here to go along with it. Basically the content of the sidebar is the same.

I am not sure if my readers will think that this change is better, or would they prefer my old design. I personally think this layout is cleaner and more comfortable for viewing. Whatever it is, please feel free to comment and provide some "constructive" feedback. if you hate the new layout go poke your eyes with your own fingers until they bleed Well, if you have not noticed any changes so far.... I am sure you need help. Seriously. Your eyes may have been infected with a type of deadly virus that prevents you to detect any changes on the objects you have seen previously. You should contact your nearest optometrist for help.


  1. i don't like it! i prefer the old one! bring back the old format!

  2. I like plain looks. Too many thing will make me headache. Anyway, can I switch your weather with our malaysian weather? pleaseeeeee....

  3. hey wuching,
    too late, not gonna revert back..

    hey hijackqueen,
    yeah, blogs are meant to be kept plain. u sure u want the weather here ah??
    it is interesting though, i know in summer i will miss winter..

  4. A change is good only if its a change for the better! ;)

    Congratulations(?) and/or best wishes on your 'new' look.

    Trust that the Fengshui is better any u'll get more hits than KennySia! Dream on ...

    Cheers! ;)

  5. Hey it's more neat than the previous one...but I still prefer the colour family of the previous skin.

  6. question: How did u add the stats counter in...I join the blogexplosion but could not find instructions to add the "stuff" into my blog. Not very user friendly I must say.

  7. hey fh2o,
    yes, if i can ever get 10% of kenny sia's hits i would be glad ennough.. ahahaha

    hey kenjj,
    isit?? my previous color theme better ah?? aiyoo...

  8. hey chan gang,
    i may have to go in and have a look at the website again, sine I did it quite some time ago, i could not recall the steps correctly. I will gte back to you a little later ok??