Sunday, April 23, 2006

Who needs to lock the car?

You may install the lastest security system on your precious 4-wheel babe, yet, if the thief really wants your car, he will have his way around virtually anything. I guess cases of break-ins with core equipments stolen have been rather frequent and common nowadays.

On my way back from McD yesterday, I saw this beauty. I guess she would have caught anyone's attention passing by.

With no one around, I can even jump in and have a seat. The owner of the car seriously has no issues with the security, or so it seems. What is the point of having locks, when anyone could just hop in.

I wonder, what would happen if this car is found parking somewhere in Kuching. So car thieves of Kuching, why don't you try your luck in Australia? Your job seems much easier here.

Side Note: I may not be able to update this place for the coming few days, due to heavy university workload and mid semester examinations. So do not panic and alert 911 if this place is silent for longer than usual. Hopefully things will be cleared as soon as Wednesday, and I will be back blogging as ordinary.


  1. Look closely. The accelerator pedal is probably missing or something, in the same fashion as Mr. Bean and his detached steering wheel. =P

  2. hey aldrin,
    Oh dear, hope it wont come to that !! Lol..

  3. Cool car! And thanks for sharing this with us. Probably one of those 'kit-car' based on the old VW Bettle. Sadly we don't see such cars in Kuching. I used to love the "mini-mokes" in Sydney. ;)

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  5. hey fh20,
    yeah, pretty unique and rare finding eh..
    wahhh.. u have those in sydney??? cooool...

  6. what? no updates? i hate you!
    hahaha. then again, i don't think the car theft problems in Aus is as bad as Msia's.

  7. hey cheng sim,
    aiyaaa.. only temporary mar.. will be back as soon as i clear things off a bit..

  8. lol... car thieves in pj will even tow away a kancil. let alone a car like that.

    good luck with exams! hehe, i made thru mine alive.

  9. hey wuching,
    how on earth did ur toy car come to perth?

    Hey Chloe,
    good on you !! Just hope I can come out of mine alive too..

  10. Stealing this kind of car will make the moroon look more moroon... LOL... He/she is stupid enough to drive off this kind of car, sure halfway got arrested. Unless it's a very common car.

  11. hey irene,
    moron indeed !!
    But whats wrong with driving that car?