Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Sunday in the Park

I am damned stressed out. Final year has not been kind to me, and frustrations at work are building up to a point that might possibly erupt at this rate. It is Sunday. For Christians, it is a sabbath, rest day, meaning no-no for work. I wonder how many people out there truly stick to this rule. As for me, why not get out, get free, forget about work, and spend the afternoon with my lovely baby digital camera, out in the park?

Being overly exhausted for the past week, I decided to indulge myself in a visit to the place I have always wanted to go to, but could not afford the time for it. It is the Southern Cross Fountain Park, for those of you in Perth who do not know the place, it is a small park with ducks swimming in the artificial lake, situated opposite the Mounts Bay Hospital,, adjacent to the Perth CBD. Not many people would got to such a park, compared to more popular ones like Matilda Bay or the various places in Kings Park. Well, from the first impression driving by the Southern Cross Park, one can see that it is just an ordinary place, nothing more than a round of pedestrian/bicycle shared walkway with lots of greens around it, and few ducks flocking by. Today, my eyes were opened to a completely disimilar perception.

Most parks would have water. Some have dead water with nothing on and in it, some have lotus and other floating plants proudly displaying their beauty, some have fishes swimming in the lake, and in Southern Cross, you have birds of various kinds swimming and fying and walking around the whole place !!!

Upon arrival, I was greeted by birds. Not only I have a bird, but I am a bird myself. Robin, the bird, go figure. Anyway, I do not really know what the names of the birds and ducks, so I am going to describe them according to my preference. The names may be lame, but hey, don't expect so much from an engineering student ok?

Black Swans

Cute little baby swans, still having white feathers, following the parent black swan around. I find this rather adorable, seeing love and affection of parenthood in animals. Observe carefully, and the animals can teach us humans lots of life lessons.

Ok, I seriously do not know what this is. Long-black beaked bird?

Roasted DUCKS.. Quack...

Those ducks are the most common, not only in the park, but everywhere in Perth !! Can also be spotted near the Matilda Bay, and they also roam around the university !! delicious peking ducks Friendly ducks, people usually bring poison food and feed the ducks. Such a magnificent sight, humans who actually feed the ducks, not "feed on the ducks". All I can think of seeing the ducks would be this....

OK ok, that is wrong, slurp, Robin, wrong wrong...


Alright, this creature is just freaky. Just look at the neck and the entire body, it is so similar to a snake !!! I can swear it is a snake itself, with extra features like beaks, claws, feathers and wings. Oh well, as scary as they look, I think they are as harmless as the other birds and ducks that roam the park.


I believe this is a type of duck too, judging from the body ergonomics (I have been reading too much electronic gadgets review) and the feet. I personally hate them. Why on earth would God create something so black and ugly? They are short and fat. And boy are they noisy !!

Enough of the birds, (no, I am not going to show my bird here) I continued walking and walking around the park. Boy, the place is actually bigger than I imagined. And I have stumbled upon things that I never expected would even be in such a small park !! I just kept walking, and there are small bridges built of wood and stones, and passages made of wood logs. Benches are situated almost everywhere, and every corner you turn to, all you see is green green and green.

I heard a weird sound. It was faint, as if water splashing and falling from somewhere high, and flowing gently, running down streaming to somewhere. As I followed the sound and traced right to where it came from, I found, a mini waterfall !!! Who on earth would think that this place would have a waterfall?? And when I was actually in the waterfall area, I looked around, and to my surprise again, I almost believed I was teleported to a forest !! Everything around there looks so vibrant and natural, though man made. The stones and water definitely add undescribeable life to the entire garden !!

If you havent noticed, there was not even a single rubbish floating on the water, or lying on the grass anywhere in the garden. I tell you, it is THAT clean, though the whole place is not really well-maintained, judging from the over-grown grasses and unracked leaves on the walkways. Maybe this is because less people come here, so it is needless to do maintainance here unlike other more heavily populated places like Matilda Bay and Kings Park.

Not like the grass in Kuching that can grow everywhere at exponential rate, to keep them alive and green, you will need to water them. Water sprinklers are spotted everywhere in the park, and they have a weird name engraved.

Rain Bird. Lame, lame lame.

It took me more than an hour to complete my tour around the park, stopping from time to time to snap pictures. It was truly enjoyable and a Sunday afternoon has been well spent. Who would have thought just slightly off the CBD of Perth, there is such place? (with mini waterfall some more !!) Interestingly, not many people come to this place. I do not know why, but maybe it has something to do with this.

It is impossible to walk around without stepping on any of the poo. Yucks... ciao sai, biological polution, not something that helps attracting people to come for. If only the birds are smart enough like Robin to properly dispose the biological waste off, life would be much better for everyone.


  1. Cool. I didn't realise that the park was that big. I would love to go there, but for the life of me I'm not too sure how to get there. It's like right in the middle of the main roads summo. And Kings Park is just overrated. It's only the view that's really worth it, although it's gorgeous at night.

  2. Hey cynical-idealist,
    yaloh !!! i didnt know its that wide, and got waterfall hidden inside some more. nothing that beautiful lar, worth visiting just once. unlike matilda bay, or the war memorial in Kings park at night, yeah, the view of perth from there is just breathtaking.

  3. wuah, perth still got nice weather..melb is cold & wet this week lah! *sien*

  4. it's freezing here in Wollongong too! April brought Autumn over.

    Here's a site to help recognise your birds:

    enjoy! We have to "stock" ourselves with names of birds becos of the little ones! "What's that. what's this?"

  5. hey wuching,
    actually it is already quite cold here, dropping down to 12 degrees at night. but still quite warm in the day time.

    hey chan gang,
    thanks for the link !!

  6. Hey Robin... sorry to hear that you're over-stressed. Hopefully your little adventure around the park made you feel a lot better. :) Btw, check to see the soles of your shoes got poop or not ar!

  7. hey luxferi,
    yaloh, life so stress here. ahhaha.. got my shoes thoroughly washed already, no worries !!

  8. Seeing all those bird kinda freaks me out and all. All i can think about was a mass bird flu outbreak in the park. *shivers* hehe....

  9. hey arth,
    choi choi choi, bird flu pulak... ahahahaaa... nolar, think its quite safe here in aus...