Saturday, April 29, 2006

Speed detector

If you have been following my blog for some time, by now you must have known the fact that the university I am currently studying at knows the best ways to flush their excess money down the drain while making the whole place looks much nicer. Remember my previous post on the insanely useless piece of equipments installed for fire emergency (click) ? I took a better look around the places and found a few more stuff that raised many eyebrows.

Not too far away from the Computer Science building, there is this speed detector proudly positioned right at the road side. This place is constantly trafficked not only by vehicles, but also pedestrians and cyclists. I pass by this road to the university every single fucking day, and the new addition of this technologically advanced device is truly something obvious and out of the ordinary.

The detector plainly displays the speed of the vehicle coming towards it, and I find that is all to it for the functionality, nothing more. Right on the first time I spotted this device, I instantly thought to myself the following question, if the driver of the vehicle passing by the road needs to know the speed of the vehicle, he or she can conveniently refer to the speedometer behind the steering wheel, right? Soon I realised perhaps there is speed camera or something installed somewhere nearby, but after going around much, I could find none. Unless I am a completely useless person who was not even able to find something so overly obvious, the speed detector thingy is just there, solely to display the speed.

Check out the video clip, there was a car passing by the speed of 20-25 km/hour, the display may not be clearly recorded with my camera under such bright afternoon sun, but I believe the faint fast flickering light of the changing numbers is enough to show the device is workig. Heck, I am an engineering student, it is upmost important to verify if the stuff you are utilizing actually works.

I still cant quite come to the reasons why they installed such pointless device there. Maybe it is just for pure cosmetic reasons. But, come to think of it, is that necessary? If turning heads and attracting whistles are the intended motives behind the installation of that device, why not just hire some really hot babes with extra large boobies in really tight bikinis standing right at the same position instead? It might just work as fine, I can even assure you it would be more effective. Sex is always the best selling point anyway.

Anyway, many unexpected things did happen following the existance of the new speed detector. I was standing around the place for quite some time to observe.

There were people, running as fast as they could towards the speed detector just to see how fast they can run.

They were people, cycling as fast as they could towards the speed detector just to see how fast they can cycle.

There were also people, who skateboarded as fast as they could towards the speed detector just to see how fast they can skateboard.

I was so tempted to run as fast as I could and see how fast I can run to record the whole event down with my ever-ready digital-cam, but doing so in public would most probably get my perfectly handsome face being creamed into mashed potatos. No way, I am not taking the risk.

And I thought Kuching people are the only sua kus (beetles that live in the jungle) in the world. Seeing what those people did because of the speed detector totally opened my eyes to the other side of the people here that I thought would not possess. Yeah, complete "sua ku" ness.

Well, it is undeniable, ridiculous device makes people do ridiculous stuff.


  1. i think your Uni should splurge on even more less-ridiculous stuff like a condom machine in the guy's toilet. oh wait, i think that should be done here in Malaysia more since there's an immense rate of unwanted pregnancy and unprotected sex. sigh.

    have you tried using a remote control car against the speed meter?

  2. stand infront of the camera & spit, see how fast u can spit!

  3. Wei ... on the New Pantai Expressway in KL, at certain stretches, there is also a similar device. It will display the speed you're driving at.

  4. hey chengsim,

    LOL.. i think the remote control car would not have the mass sufficient to trigger the detection.

    hey wuching,
    spit would just not work !!!

  5. hey moz monster,
    well, that is "expressway" with possibly more than 6 lanes i presume?
    the small road in my uni, with only 2 lanes... with the speed detector.. is just ridiculous...

  6. What a way to make the students pay more every year..