Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Shoes Hanging

Call me sakai. Call me sua ku. Call me whatever. But I have never seen something like this in my entire life. I thought it was rather cute and amusing. Took me a while to figure out how on earth did something like these went all the way up there...

For a moment there I believed the shoes fell down from the sky.

Until my dear friend Wei Thien knocked me hard on my head "Aduh... people tie the shoes together with the strings and throw up from the ground, and the strings get stuck there on the cables lah... what fall down from the sky... sheesssssshhh"

Oh well, see what engineering has done to my way of thinking.

Now, maybe I should do this in Kuching, I do have some old and unused shoes, this would be an interesting way to "dispose" off the shoes. One new idea, learned from overseas experience. Applicable locally in Malaysia. How does that sound? *evil grin*

No wonder they say you learn more when you go the distance. You get to learn things like this. Interesting to say the least.


  1. I'm curious, what does the shoes hanging from wire like that mean though? I'd seen it around on tv and such but never knew the meaning!

  2. hey luxferi,
    actually i have no idea what they mean, probably just some random stuff people do around here.. for fun maybe?

  3. *LOL* Like marking territory and say, "I've been here", that sort of thing?

  4. hey luxferi..
    errmm.. i dun think thats what it means though.. ahhahaa... maybe I should ask around..

  5. aiyoo..can take down ur 'kiam-hu' now, very dry already!

  6. who the hell will do that? =)

  7. hey wuching,
    ahaha.. it will be interesting to have my kiam hu all the way up there...

    hey cynthia..
    for fun marr.. why not?

  8. Go watch the movie "BIG FISH"; then you'll understand! ;)

  9. strange thing you knew of that. we used to do that in primary school.
    Back in my school days,kids leaves their school shoes out of the class so they can avoid sweeping the floor every morning.
    Let's say if we wanna pull a prank on some1 we dont really like we'll just take his shoes when he's in class, tie the laces together then throw them over the electrical wires.
    Brings back naughty times.....

  10. hey fh20,
    wow.. what movie is that?

    hey arth,
    you actually did that????? i am stunned...

  11. Wow, yet another country with hanging shoes. I've mentioned your hanging shoe sightings on

  12. hey ed kohler,
    thanks... but the shoes are in perth australia !!!

  13. Nice post...nice pics.....I will not through even my old Timberland shoes.....