Thursday, April 06, 2006

PROSH 2006

Oh dear, I have been tagged again, this time by Charmaine. Unfortunately, many things happened recently, and there are just too many important stuff to blog first. I shall come to that tag as soon as possible. My apologies.

Basically two major events took place on this very auspicious day, the first was the PROSH, and the second was the Autumn UWA Graduation ceremony for the Engineering Faculties. This blog entry shall be dedicated to PROSH only.

Well, what is PROSH?? If you ask a Kuching kia like me, I will definitely give you the blank look on my face. After doing much online research and asking around, I found out that PROSH is kind of like an anual university event, designed for charity. The people, mostly students from my university would dress themselves up Ala-Halloween style, God-knows-what dress they usually come up with, and stroll all around Perth to sell the PROSH newspapers. The money collected from the newspaper sales together with the extra donations are fully handed over to the God-knows-who needies or children starving somewhere God-knows-where in the world so that their lives would be made a little better, or so it is assumed to be. So that is basically the main description I can come up with.

There were many events that queueed the day, including the parade in the city, some concerts in the afternoon, and of course the party at night. Since I have classes in the afternoon, and the UWA graduation ceremony was at night, I only made it to the parade in the morning.

Me and my dear friend Wei Thien took a bus down to the Perth CBD, and we spent some time thinking and searching for where and when the parade would start and go to. From the information I had, the PROSHers were to gather at the Wellington St Car Park or something, and started parading from there on at 1130am. Just when we walked down the Murray Street Mall by pure instincts, we saw from far the flashing lights of the police cars. Timing could not have been better. So we found ourselves a good spot to view, and of course, snap the photos. Man, I feel like a reporter now.

The PROSHers come in groups, and each group must have a theme. Some are very obvious, like the jungle-animals theme, the wizard of the oz theme, and so on. Well, the rest, are just plain random and I was completely clueless on what they are trying to present.

The jungle people !! Animal power...

I dunno what theme this was....

The vegemite ladies !!! Wooo-hoooo.... delicious...

Another one I dunno what it was.... strange...

Neither do I know what theme this has.. I guess it is just marvelous to witness so many people from different bacground coming together, in united voice and spirit, comtributing whatever they can for the greater good. After all, though they are all different people, but standing together, they can make a difference. If I am not mistaken, the PROSH 2005 managed to raise approximately AUD100k just from the newspaper sales and the offset donations on one single day !!! What do you think of that?? The power of the university students who have nothing better to do.... Well, I should not speak so much of this, since I was not an active participant in the PROSH. Come to think of it, I did my part also wad, taking photos, and share this wonderful event with the world through my blog. Counted as charity also right?? Since I did it for free.. YAYYY one extra good point in heaven for me !!!

The Wizard of the Oz.. wooo-hooooo

Guys dressed themselves up in nun uniforms... yucks... I find this really repulsive...

MOcha-chill man !!! Yummmmy... I am thirsty..

The university cancelled the classes in the morning just for the PROSH event. This proved the significance of PROSH to UWA. Furthermore, PROSH 2006 is the 75th PROSH being held in Perth. Talking about history and persistence, PROSH has always been a success and great aid to the community ultimately, and what better way to do it but involving such a great and fun time for the participants !!! You can tell from the photos everyone in the parade was having such truly enjoyable moment there !! This was the liscence and probably only legal chance to do something silly, wacky, and crazy for public display !!!

Wonder how the newspaper looked like and the content?? You people not from Perth, remember, you see these snapshots FISRT in The following are the cover page, and some interesting articles that got myself laughing my huge heavy ass out. Enjoy guys !! You can't find these stuff elsewhere, not for now.

And my personal favourite:

SIde note: Please be warned that the materials and articles in the PROSH newspaper are entirely fictional, and the reads are for entertainment and leisure purposes only. We get too many serious stuff over the "rea: news nowadays, i believe we need something like the PROSH newspaper to relieve the tension, and make life a little lighter.


  1. See, this is what I like about your blog so much, Robin. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the cuci mata service you provided.

    Aha! Another extra good point for you in heaven! :D

    Good luck with your meme! I did that and it was hellish man! *makes a face*

  2. not another parade! but i like the newspaper cutting lah..not the pope onw lah!

  3. hey luxferi..
    wahh im happy u like my blog... but for cuci mata meh??

    hey wuching,
    ahhaaa.. too many parades in melbourne eh??

  4. Yalor, stuck in kch day in day out. have to cuci mata once in a while, right? You're my savior!!! :D

  5. hey luxferi,
    hahaha, glad i could help !!

  6. hahaha. at least, im one fact smarter now. haha. ok, everything its first at robinwong.blogspot! hehe. if you were to take part in Prosh, what costume will you be wearing?

  7. kinda cool they all those fun stuff there like parade and prank newspapers in Oz, unlike our ever so sensitive-conservative country...

    I am so not meant to be born in Malaysia.....

  8. hey chengsim,
    If I am to go to PROSH, most probably i will only be wearing my pyjamas... simple and easy.. ahhahaaa.. we so lazy lar...

    hey arth,
    come to australia !!! people here are quite open minded.. i guess there are pros and cons to it..

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