Saturday, April 08, 2006

Prince Machodick

Alright, here comes the meme tagged by Charmaine. The rules of the meme can be found in the following link (click).

I got my brained nearly fried figuring the whole thing out. Hope you guys like it.


Long time ago, in a galaxy far away, on Planet Maiyahi, there lived a sexy and superbly hot princess with a smile that melts the winter snow, called Maiyahu.

One day, the Princess accidentally ate an apple corrupted with Actinide, a radioactive poison used by the demon-witch the lion from DOTA, my favourite hero and fell unconscious.

The poison slowly consumed the princess, depleting her juvenescence.

Prince Machodick, who loved the princess for her large boobs, sought the aid of Wizard SoftDick.

To Ease the pain, the wizard sent the princess to his Oval Office, where the purest of magic surrounded the sleeping princess..

In order to maintain the youth and sexiness save the princess, the prince must travel across the universe to a distant planet called Earth.

The wizard summoned the Cottager, who has the power to transcend time and space to teleport the prince to Earth. The cottager had to accede to the orders, or else the Wizard would torment him with all kinds of unspeakable horror of sexual ordeals

The prince and cottager landed on the land called Malaysia. They must search for the mysterious cure: Biryani.

Inevitably, they were faced with powerful enemy, called the pornstars. The mighty prince used his mighty Macho Dick and squirted the super-orgasm-plasma-laser, easily crashing off all the pornstars.

Unfortunately, the cottager was killed in the fight.

The prince went right on and found the biryani. After killing the mamaks and taking enough biryani, Prince Machodick rushed to the nearest space station.

After fiddling with the screenplay and on-board functions, he managed to pilot the hijacked space shuttle and fly himself back to the Planet Maiyahi.

Reaching home, the prince feasted on the biryani, giving him the power to heal the princess by pure ecstatic spicy orgasm. After multiple orgasms, the princess was cured, and they lived happily ever after.

The end (298 words -excluding strikethroughs)


I am in good mood today, so I shall not tag anyone this time. Hehehe...


  1. I can't believe you managed to make something dirty out of words that ought to be buried in dictionaries and never be found again! *LOL*

    Phoar... I got a competitor in the world of dirty-storytelling. *LOL* You rock!

  2. hey luxferi,
    errrmm my blog not dirty stoey telling one.. ahahhaa
    but then i ma under so much stress of exams and projects and thesis and everything else.. arrghh... going insane now...
    thats why i wrote something rather crazy i think... ahhahahaha...
    to release some tension....

  3. Hahahaha, so hamsap, I mean, funny your post.

    Good luck on your exams!

  4. hahaha. dirty. u served us good for not tagging anyone. im still banning memes. i hate memes.

  5. hey cynical idealist,
    ahaha.. i know it sounded quite ham sap. Thanks for the well wish..

    hey cheng sim
    Hahahaa.. this meme is a bit ridiculous lar.. crazy one... if i tag someone sure that person will come to me with a parang.. ahhaaa

  6. *LOL* Sure is a good way to de-stress urself in the midst of your insanity. :p
    Whatever you do...don't tag Wuching! hehe
    All the best with in your studies!

  7. hey amelia,
    thanks for the well wish. Why cant U tag wuching? Will he do something mean to me in return?

  8. Nah...he's sick of Meme.

    Btw, I voted for you already. :)

  9. hey amelia,
    ahhaa. wuching has got himself quite a number of memes eh?
    anyway.. thanks for the vote.. but what is the vote about? where??
    sorry.. but I am so blur now..

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