Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Perth, city and people of

I love going down and have a stroll in the Perth city. Everything has been the same, the shops, the buildings, there is nothing spectacular to be noted out of the ordinary. However, there is something there that keeps me going back again and again week after week. of course this is the perfect spot to wash eyes

Hay Street Mall

Murray Steet Mall

People from God knows where would come and crowd the place, namely Murray Street Mall and Hay Street Mall. Those are the two famous streets in Perth, for shopping mainly. On the past few weeks, my visits to the city have been rather interesting, besides normal dining and shopping. There are actually things that I have never really noticed before, and taking a step slower, observing what is actually there actually gave me a whole new view to the cultures and lifestyle here in Perth. And I have to admit, they are truly unique.

Things like this hanging on the wall...


Ok ok, that makes me look Ham sap in a a way, but hey, from Kuching where I come from, you would NEVER find such art in public display. NEVER I tell you. This is the striking quality of Australians. They perceive sex with an entirely different view, other than the nasty, dirty, forbidden, sinful, guilty and wrongful thoughts that we Malaysians are brought up with.

Other than that, there are times exhibitions and events take place right in the city center. Art exhibition is the most common of all. From time to time, "weird" pieces of arts produced by "weird" people of I presume will be displayed. The recent one was this weird mattress like material, arranged on a huge open area into a maze. I do not know if I can see creativity in this, but I find this quite intriguing really. Can anyone tell me what form of art this is?

The down side about Perth is the opening hours for shopping. On normal days, all shops would close at 5pm or earlier. WTF... where is the night life?? On Thursdays the shopping in sub urb area is extended to 9pm, while ONLY on Fridays, the shopping in the city is extended to 9pm. the people here are lazy mah.. Therefore, Friday nights would be a must for people like me to go down to the city and even if I do not have anything to do, just plain walk is actually fun and enjoyable too. that is the true nature of lepak

On weekends especially, there are those beggers that use lame tricks weird and extra-ordinary people who have nothing better to do but to show their talents and gifts to the public in hope the passer bys would feel generous and drop a little "donation". Yeah, Murray Street and Hay Steet are filled with these people, and I can tell you people here LOVE those street performers. May it be magic, singing, dancing, or just plain dressed up in silly manner, people here appreciate what they have to offer and give them in return a kind attention. How aften can you find this in Malaysia? If you do something weird in the streets, people back there will just give you the one kind look and probably report you to the distant planet called the seventh mile.

Just look at the crowd there.. there was a performance going on right in the middle of the street.

I have recorded some of the performances, and yeah, this is the first time in to have videos featured !! Knock yourself out with the video clips.

This guy has some good moves, but mixed with some silly ones as well. Just look at the footwork, simply amazing.

There are people performing all kinds of music, from solo singing, to solo guitar plus singing, to traditional drum beats and some new age music. I find the following performance rather special. Unfortunately I ran out of camera memory, so I could not record any longer. (man, I seriously need to upgrade my cam memory, I am using 128MB MMC card only.. sadness indeed)

There are actually more things I have to share with you guys on Perth and its people, but I shall stop here, for I have tonnes of other work yet to be completed. Screw Engineering... And the deadlines are like..... tomorrow.. arrghhh... My Easter break starts this Friday, I so very need a break now. Soon after everything is done, I shall be happily enjoying myself with lepaking a long walk in the city.


  1. buskers r 1 step away from beggers..don't u think?

  2. The two main streets in Perth is sadly the two major shopping street in city of Perth. Coming from Malaysia and so used to our shopping hours is hard when the shop closed so early here....

  3. hey wuching,
    errrmm.. yeah.. i guess thats true... ahahaa.. but the beggers here in perth are pretty harmless i think.

    hey flower
    sadly ?? ahhaa... i agree that the oepning hour is a little out of place. SHould have extended hours...