Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pancakes in toilet

I know the toilets in Australia everywhere are impossibly clean. I know the people here are responsible enough to flush after using and not spray their human waste all over the places. I know some toilets even have music radio broadcast for your to enjoy while you do your business.

But what I do not know is, pancakes served right at the entrance to the toilet.

This is the entrance...

And there you go, I imagine pancakes deliciously prepared and served behind this very door...

In the end, after going around the place, I figured out that the door was the back entrance to the restaurant located adjacent to the washrooms. Yeah, the name of the restaurant is indeed, PANCAKES. No kidding. I did not take any pictures of the restaurant since there are too many eyes looking my direction.

Now everytime I eat pancakes, I will think of toilet. Nice.


  1. Robin......
    Everytime I wanna eat pancakes or roti canai from now on i'll definitely think of ur blog and of course, the entry you just posted today...

  2. hey arth,
    ahaha roti canai also kenak meh???

  3. That is to add more aroma to the pancakes.

  4. hey jacky,
    not some aroma that anyone wants !!!

  5. toilets in Australia everywhere are impossibly clean

    not true! i've seen really dirty toilets with shits & urine all over the place too here!

  6. hey wuching,
    errrm... melbournians !!

    now YOU make me think of toilets whenever i saw pancakes! man, i miss pancakes.

  8. hey cheng sim,
    what a good way to remind u of my blog !!