Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I do not know how, I do not know why, but my blog is nominated for top 10 Male Blogger in Laksa Diaries.

For you stalkers (thee who lurketh around this blog), my fans (as if I have any, LOL), my friends (you know who you are), family and whoever you are, whatever you do, please, vote for me!!. I do not intend to expect anything from the polling but hey, having support from you guys would mean a hell lot to me.

Top 10 reasons why you should vote for robinwong.blogspot.com

1..... I will post more pictures of babes with large boobies

2.... I will make you, yes you you you a guest star appearance here !!

3.... I can prove Kenny Sia has balls the size of raisins


10... ok... I seriously cant come out with any good ones....

Anyways, do vote for me ya?

To see the other nominies, click here.

To vote, click here.


  1. yes lah, u more hansem & more femes than kenny sia liao!

  2. yeah...robin,robin...he's our man if he cant do one can!! Go Robin
    !!! I'll vote for you,dude! hehe....he...

  3. hey wuching..
    err.. that was not what i was trying to impply..

    hey arth..
    thanks !! but i am not up to that standard lar...
    i voted u too !!! woo hooooo

  4. you have my vote ... but don do anything to me. Congrates!!!

  5. yalah, wasn't implying that..just saying u r more hansem lah! so enjoy it & don't worry about kenny sia's groupies coming to kill u! hehe

  6. hey fabby,
    long time no hear from you !!! Thanks for the vote..

    hey wuching,
    err... thanks?

  7. 3.... I can prove Kenny Sia has balls the size of raisins


    not unless you cb4 :p

  8. Hey chi-an,
    some things can be proven without involving eye-sight.
    things like whether a guy has balls or not.. go figure