Sunday, April 30, 2006

New look...

I seldom post the pictures of my own self on this blog, I have many reasons for that. But when I do put photos of my stunningly handsome face, I am sure to receive a number of unexpected comments.

The most recent one was when I posted this (photo below) in my Dim Sum post (click) not too long ago. The first one to approach me on my "have not seen in a long time" appearance was Jason.

Jason: Oii.. Ur hair so long liaw...
Robin: Yahh.. why?
Jason: It is
really long lar....
Robin: So what? I had longer hair last year...
Jason: Since when was the last time you cut your hair?
Robin: Since...
before Chinese New Year?
Jason: !!!!!!!!!

Not only that.. I there was also Debra, a friend from OCF, who came to me....

Debra: Hey, your hair is too long...
Robin: I think I look good in long
***Debra gives the one kind look at me***
Robin: No meh??? Not good looking on me meh??
Debra: Honestly.. NO worr....
Robin: !!!!!!!
***Ouch ouch ouch***

I mean, what is the big deal of having hair slightly longer than usual? I recalled my time in Perth last year, I left my hair uncut since I came to Perth right after Chinese New Year, until spring, which was in September when I had a 2 week spring break uni holidays, then I decided to give my head a little trim.

Wonder how I looked like back then? Like a sua ku? Like a jungle man?

I think not so bad leh... and that time my hair was much longer than it is now...

Ok, you may ask why the laziness to keep my appearance tidy?

Do you know how much it costs to have a haircut here in Australia?
AUD14 (concession price, cheapest I can find here).... which is approximately.... RM30

Do you know how much it costs to have a haircut back in Kuching?
RM5 (student price).... which is..... AMAZINGLY less than AUD2 in conversion !!!

You see, for a financially broken boy like me, I would choose to minimise my visits to the barber shop and have my hair cut just when it is really really really necessary. Call me kiam siap. Call me stingy. By the way, I kinda like the way my hair flows when they are long, no, I am not one of those people who drool over Loreal or Pantene advertisements. I just think that having long hair seems to suit my style and outlook. Coz I am worth it

Well, despite all that, I took a bus down the city for a haircut in the afternoon anyway.

For AUD14... I changed my hairstyle.....

What do you think?

Alright, I know I will be wearing my cap on most of the time in thge following week.

Man, I so miss my long hair. Should have kept it that way.


  1. take that cap off! you really shouldnt hide a USD14 haircut under a cap.
    and thumbs up on the haircut. i think it looks smart.

  2. hey chloe...
    ahaha.. but malu lah... feel so "nerdy:....

    Anyway, you look like a er... smart guy with a hat.... lol.

    once more...

  4. u should've shaved ur head for that $14 worth so it lasts longer!

  5. hey tyw,
    ahahahaa.. not like me meh??
    Better or worse?

    Hey dienasty,
    tiger?? a cute cat sounds better ya..

  6. hey wuching...
    shave is too easy of a job... not worth AUD14 !!

  7. i think it was pretty neat although you look REALLY REALLY different. when ur hair is slightly longer, style it with a gel or whatever that guys used these days.

  8. Ngai ti..... i think it's too short la... even here in kl, the haircut cost around rm30 leh.. and ur hair from the dimsum is not tat long la.. it's the second time i had my hair cut this yr yet it's still longer than urs (refering to the dimsum pic) =P

  9. hey chengsim,
    yeah, i know i look different, wanna have a look change...

    hey chun chow...
    ahhahaa.. ur hair long ah now? ahahaa.. still like long hair.. but in malaysia long hair kinda uncomfortable lar.. moist and all.... then play tenis.. wahh even worse..

  10. you cud save plenty of cash by not cutting your hair off...just look at me! haha!
    If you ask me, i wud say, you shud just kept it long in the 1st place. :)

  11. hey arth,
    i know i know... but everyone else wants me to cut it off... arrrrggghh..

  12. You really don't look good in long hair leh.

  13. hey hijackqueen,
    well, MANY people do say I look good in long hair..

  14. one up on the short hair. but that's just me. :)

  15. hey yvy..
    really meh?? gosh..

  16. i don't look at guys but i prefer your old look ... why the sudden self-consciousness? hmmmm

  17. Aik? You look more cool la with long hair....

  18. That was you at the very end?! So different... amazing what a haircut can do.

  19. holy Shit!!! walau eh.. even you cut in kuching gt better style la.. really not like you man.. i would not say looks like nerd. (so pai tia) you kind of give me a expression like a guy just come out from jail la. hahahaha.. not suitable for you lo.. how on earth that guy help you to cut?

  20. hey fh20,
    finally.. someone prefers my old hairstyle !!

    hey ah-mike
    Exactly !! Dunno why some people prefer me with short hair...

  21. hey luxferi,
    yeah... that was me at the end.. not the same?? hahahhaa.... haircut does make a HUGE impact on appearance...

    hey khee hwa,
    errmmm... not so cham gua?? really meh???

    gosh... finally, some people who do think my long hair is ok and cool.

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