Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Movie Day out

On one cold late, late, very late night, my dear friend Jon nudged me on the MSN.

Jon: Hey, you wanna catch a movie tomorrow?
Robin: Cool, what movie?
Jon: V
Robin: Ok, what time? Where?
Jon: At Hyots, tomorrow 8.55am
meet at the bus stop.
Robin: What What What ?? 8.55am ??? @#*&%^$#
Jon: !!!!

For the first time in my entire life, I went to watch a movie in the morning. That is right, in the early morning, show starting at 9.45am. Call me crazy, call me senseless. Heck, I knew by the time the show finished my housemates would still be sleeping like pigs. I know I would. But I managed to wake myself up in the cold morning of 10 degrees in Perth (AMAZING fact) and dragged my heavy ass out of the house to catch the Movie.

We watched V for Vendetta, and Hugo Weavings is the main actor in it. I have high expectations from movies from Hugo Weavings, after much love and addiction to the Matrix Trillogy. You gotta admit his facial expression and mind numbing philosophical speeches in the Matrix Trillogy are timeless and priceless. However, throughout the movie, he kept his face hidden in the mask, and his expressions are made solely through his words. How was the movie you ask me? I say, it is not overly dramatic, with little sense of humour there and here, I almost slept in the movie not much of emotions involved, a little bit of violence, nothing sexual, and having a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the movie. I guess I felt satisfied watching the movie, though not entirely thrilled and excited.

Having the thought of Hugo Weaving from the Matrix in mind throughout the movie, I cant help to picture V taking off his mask and do this instead:

Man, you gotta admit, Agent Smith is so cool...

On the whole, I say the movie is worth watching. When the super cheap but of same quality PIRATED DVD version of the movie is released, I will sure get myself one copy for collection.

We purposefully went to watch the movie on Tuesday in hope for the special discount for that very day. Unfortunately, this is all we get when we arrived at the place....

Holy cow... What is the point of having different slots for price display of students, concession and such, if ALL the prices are the SAME ?? I guess it is the holiday season now in Australia, and well, mean busness vultures those people would take such undeniable opportunity to harvest more from us poor students. How cruel this world can get.

I have a list of movies to look forward to this coming May.

X-men 3: The Last Stand

Superman Returns

Da Vinci Code

Oh Gosh, I better start saving up and cut down on eating out to gather enough cash for those movies.


  1. 8.55 am? go back to sleep lah!

  2. I watched that last night as well! =) Damn.. I told Rodney it was a good movie..if happen he is going to watch again, I may go watch again.

    Remember remember the 5th of November..the gunpower treason and plot; i see no reasons why gunpower treason should be forgot.


  3. hey wuching,
    yeah, was seriously thinking of skipping the movie, but i made a promise.. no choice.. ahaha.. though I yawned all my way through the movie, not because it was boring, but i was sleepy...

    hey cynthia..
    wad? u wanna watch it again?? I gotta save up money to watch other movies.. a lot of good movies coming out in may..

  4. Gosh the 3 movies you listed at the bottom are on my watchlist too... well, but superman, not so... quite enough of that whole underwear on the outside thingy. ;)

    Why so early one? Cinema not open at night meh? *LOL*

  5. hey luxferi,
    apparently there is something going on in the afternoon for the rest of the guys, so they have to catch to morning show if we want everyone to go together.. ahahhaa..
    yeah.. superman is so last decade thing.