Sunday, April 16, 2006

Meet the bloggers

I just had my first ever bloggers meet, and that was in Perth !! I was kindly invited by the gorgeous Cynthia. Though I am freshly new in blogging (only few months mah), and do not know most of the people that gathered at the meet, it wondefully turned out to be one of the most interesting meets in my life.

I had to take a bus down from the Busport all the way to the Curtin University, and Cynthia was kind enough to pick me up from the University bus stop. The meet was held at Dome, South Perth, somewhere at the Mill Point Road if I am not mistaken. Such perfect place for coffee and good food, with the right ambience to suit the mood for us bloggers who had nothing better to do but to sit down, gossiping chit chat and waste kill time. I never thought sitting down with strangers and talking about almost anything at all would be so thrilling. It was indeed an afternoon well spent for me.

I ordered ice-mocha with cream and ice cream.... gosh.. sinfully fattening...

And here are the AWESOME people...

RODNEY from (click)

Love his HUGE camera... man, how I wish I can afford that. True passion for photography indeed. Want to know his secret? He treated his camera as an extension from his own body. Go figure which body part.

True Passion indeed.

NADIA from (click) and her beautiful boyfriend, Bruce

Awesome lady, and lucky Bruce to have her. She owns a genuine smile, and that smile alone tells a lot about the beauty of a person. Gosh, she can rattle on and on with Cynthia... their conversation knows no end. Infinity !!


Photo stolen taken from Cynthia
A guy full of humour !! Spontaneously hillarious in conversation, the group has most of the time laughing thanks to him !!! I so need a good dose of laughter after one week of hell in school.

CYNTHIA from (click) and her gorgeous Kian

This is one beautiful and kind-hearted person. She offered to fetch me all the way from the Curtin University to the meet, and gave me a full ride home after the meet !! Thanks to her and Kian, I was able to make it to the meet. Wooo.. hooo !!!!

One of the main reasons I started blogging was to make new connections. The meet may be a small gathering, but this definitely opened new opportunities to meet cool and hapenning people. We chatted about lots of things, mostly on blogosphere and why Kenny Sia has balls the size of raisins and basically other many things about life generally. It is fulfilling to have my ideas exchanged with people, and this is interestingly done with new people I have not encountered before in my life, besides blogging.

Cynthia, thanks again for having me in the meet. I am truly glad I was there. Please let me know if there is anything similar happening. I so look forward to the next meet.


  1. NO worries mate!! we see you in next time.. should be around may or jun.. we are planning one already actually, but the timing for this time is a bit difficult cos everyone gets a bit busy b4 the winter break.. but anyhoo, i sure willlet you know. =)aiyah.. perth is so small, wanna meet up.. easy job mannnn!!! =)

    That extension of rodney's... is his KKJ!!!!!!! LOL. He is damn cool, no need to use vigra also can one. eh??


  2. hey cynthia...
    his KKJ indeed !! yeah.. cant wait for the next meet up....

  3. cool! i've yet been to one.

  4. Nice!

    A few more bloggers to click on! ;)

  5. We dont have much of a blogger gatherings around here in miri. Not official one lar...But we do meet occasionally because most of my friends are bloggers anyway so we dont really discuss blogging we we're out with each other. I just thought an official blogger gathering wud be like discussing about blogging and meeting random bloggers. that's wot i think...

  6. Cool pic of Rodney and his extension. Heh. It was HUGE.

    Seeya next time! :)

  7. hey wuching,
    why dun u organise one !!! You have a huge influence in melbourne !! Sure its a snap of a finger for ya.

    hey fh20
    yeah.. those are some pretty good blogs there...

  8. hey arth,
    make one in Miri !!! IM sure there aee other bloggers who look forward to this kind of event too. I know there are such things happening in kuching.... and I am just not there when it happens !!!

    hey mooiness,
    yeah... cool extension there from rodney.. ahahhaa...

  9. Nice one Robin! And all the bloggers are in blogspot - imagine that ...

    And your blog rocks - i've been checking it out constantly through Aldrin's *sadlynotupdatedmuch* blog. Your template is lovely, the pics plenty and msot of all, thanks for your input during my debate 2006 posts.

    Really helped to know we once defeated St Jo.


  10. hey dienasty,
    Thanks for ur compliments. ahaha.. should get aldrin to update more often though...
    yeah, we kicked St jobos asses back then !!! We rocked big time !!!