Saturday, April 22, 2006

McDonalds by the Sea

My sadly short holiday has come to an end, this coming Monday will resume as ordinary boring days of a university student yet full of torture with work and burden. On this Monday the first thing that would welcome me back to university would be a mid semester paper. Boy, am I ready for that?

I have tried going through the lecture and tutorial notes, unfortunately I could not digest them very well. I needed a break. I needed to go off to somewhere FAR from my place, and just sit down, relax for a while, and probably use that space later for studies as well. I need an environment change. Studying in my room, or at the library has become rather typical and sadly, "uninteresting". I need to find something new to ignite my motivation in studies. This is, in fact, just a temporary need.

And so in the afternoon, I dashed out from home with my revision necessities and hopped on a bus to the city to catch a train to somewhere, yet to be known. On the way to the city, somewhere near the artificial lake with fountains and ducks swimming in it (click), something strikingly freaky drew everyones attention in the bus.

Now, how on earth did something like that happened?

I was still on the bus while the pictures were taken, and I am still not entirely sure what exactly happened. From my observation, there was no other vehicle involved. My guess was that the driver or whoever that may be on the truck was not badly injured, for no ambulance were spotted nearby. Just because of that capsized truck, the entire road was blocked from public access, and boy, for the first time have I witnessed such horrific traffic jam in Perth. Yet surprisingly, the road was perfectly calm, with not even one person hitting the honk nor yelling undesirable words. While I had my hands on the camera, focusing on the accident scene, I was hoping eagerly for something HUGE to occur, like HUGE explosion or something...

Nah, life is not so much of a drama after all. Sheeeeessshh..

After being trapped in the jam for over 30 minutes, I reached the train station, and took a trip down to the Fremantle. Call me nuts, since Fremantle is like an hour's drive away from the city, but I just needed to get as far away as possible. There was this urge in me, I do not know why.

Here I was. In the McDonalds, uniquely sitting next to a beach. The beach was not huge, or having hot babes in bikini or something, and no guys surfing and anything of that sort. Just plain small beach, with plenty of sea gulls making lots of noise, and rough wind blowing your hair and hot sun beaming down on your face. But having a double beef, double bacon burger (Hah, something you shall NEVER find in McD Malaysia..) with the ever-famous fries and coke in such environment, the experience is truly wonderful. So I thought to myself, why not study here as well?

And yeah, I did. Took out my lecture notes, and spent 2 solid hours ok, maybe one hour plus only lar, but I can make myself feel better, can I not?? studying for my coming mid-sem paper. Was it good? I say, it was awesome, and definitely worth the long travel. I have found the inspiration I desperately needed through the sound of the waves and the blueness of the waters.

I just hope I wont do badly for the coming paper. Much work is yet to be done. I shall get to it soon.

Guys, wish me luck.


  1. We do have a McD by the sea, but of course NOT the double-beef-double-bacon burger! :)

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK! :)

  2. hey pelf,
    really?? where is it?

  3. ei robin ah, wish I'm there lah, so nice....
    Anyway.... good luck in ur coming exam.
    I'm in my final now, and hell, I think I'm gonna die from all the information processing. UTM sux.

  4. hey tan,
    wahh long time no hear from u. Looks nice, but the beach is super small lar, ahhahaha.. got better beaches, but the other places no McD mar...
    anyway.. all the best for ur finals. must be damned stress now...

  5. yalah, stop play play now, have to work hard now!

  6. hey wuching,
    I will !! No worries..

  7. Travelling a couple of hours to get to a McD! You sure will score for the coming mid-sem paper!

  8. hey jacky,
    errmm.. it wasnt a couple of hours lar.. one hour plus plus only.. ahahhaa...

  9. I was there are at the round-about, saw the track. the traffic was terrible.

    by the way, good luck

  10. hey cynthia..
    wow.. then i should not be that far from you that time...
    thanks.. i will try to do well...

  11. *cocks head one side and studies Robin curiously* How do you study when you have glorious sight in front of you, distracting you with its glorious sea gulls, glorious sand, glorious sea and glorious non-existent hot babes in bikinis?

    Haih. Maybe engineers are hardwired the weird way. :P

    ANYWAY- *gives an uberglomptastic hug* GOOD LUCK!! *showers horse shoes and four leaf clovers*

  12. hey luxferi...
    i guess, the environment was different, with natural sunlight and all.. ahaha..
    thanks for the well wish.. i sure need luck.. plenty of them..

  13. At Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan. And it overlooks the South China Sea, ya' know, hahahah (what's the BIG deal) :))

  14. hey pelf,
    wow.. thats so so cool.. would visit there if i ever pass by the place...