Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lucky Number 5

Remember the nomination (click) by Laksa that happened back then? The result of the polling is officially (not that the poll is official anyway) released, and here it is...

Jeng Jeng Jeng....

robinwong.blogspot.com, yours truly is at the middle lucky number FIVE !! Wooo hooo... To read more, click here. To check out the poll results, click here.

When I was nominated, I seriously did not have any expectations from the votings, mainly because I have only been blogging for a mere few months. And I do not have that huge of a readers base. It is not that I get like 1000 hits per day, or would I die for such traffic, but the point is, something tells me that I am not qualified for such nominations.

Now, why am I at number 5 you may ask? I seriously do not know how. But it is good to know that my blog DOES have readers out there, and the readers DO actually think my blog is worth the vote. This is one comforting truth to savour at, and I take it as motivation to continue blogging. Yay, I am in the TOP 10 MALE BLOGGERS !!! *evil laugh* *Muahha.. Muahahha. muahah. hahahahhahaaa....*

Some of you may have come across Wuching (click), the blog at the number 1 spot. I sincerely think insanely lunatic psychotic that Melbourne guy deserves the top spot. He has ALL the time in the world to make it to God knows what events there are happening down there in Melbourne. He provides full coverage with nearly flawless photography to go along with his version of the story (which may very well be biased). Whatever festival, whatever carnival, whatever celebration, whatever parade, whatever happening, whenever an insanely hot babe strips Wuching would be there and never fail to blog about it. This is scary. But the effort he put behind it and the beauty of blogging he inserted are both priceless. Good job on that Wuching !!!

the only reason he was on top of Kenny Sia was because he finally made his balls grew LARGER than Kenny's coconuts

I seriously would like to thank everyone who voted for me, and supported me through this time of great trial. It is rewarding to acknowledge that there are people who do read my blog and actually like it. (well, are there really??) I personally do not expect much accomplishments from this humble little blog, but a few rounds of motivational boosts are always welcomed !!


  1. Give urself some credit...your blog is just as interesting as many others...hence you're No.5.

  2. Congratulations, Robin! You deserve to be in the list... I find your blog entertaining. :) And I have a certain fondness for your cheeky, sassy bloopers you crossed out. :D Keep up the good work! :)

  3. hey amelia,
    thanks a lot !!! I feel good !!

    hey luxferi,
    Thanks, congrates to you too !! Keep on blogging the sassy stuff !!!

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  5. You should name the list:

    Top 10 Malaysian Chinese Male Bloggers writing in English

    (Dunno lah, I could be wrong. Maybe there's a token Malay or Indian in the list. I never read any of the blogs listed. So much for their popularity...)

  6. hey nizam,
    it is true that most of the blogs belong to chinese bloggers. but like i strongly indicated in the post, this is an unofficial polling.