Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lin Dynasty (continued)

This is yet another entry made customized for the tag from Luxferi. It is a story-line continuation, and this is my version of the follow up from Luxferi's chapter 24: Creatures of the night" (click). Hope I wont bore you guys to death with this.

Here goes something.
Chapter 25: Immortality

It hurt her eyes, the light was too bright. Perhaps she had not opened her eyes for quite some time. Soon enough, she realised she was lying on a not so comfortable bed, and she quickly recognised the familiarity of the place. It was the same place she spent days and nights in for months, taking care of her dying mother many years ago. The difference was, she was now on the bed, in the same hospital her mother died.

Puki Galore could only recall vaguely what happened. Soon enough, flashbacks ran quickly on her mind, like a film rolling in fast motion, playing scenes from seperate cuts. She remembered being seduced and embraced by a dead gorgeous blond guy from the Bronze, and somewhere in the middle of climaxing scenes things got wild, and she was having the best sex of her lives, until suddenly she felt deep cut running into her neck, draining her life away from her. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that was the creature of the night preying on her.

But the question was, why was she still alive? For one she knew she was far from dead. She felt, alive.

Someone barged in the door so suddenly that Puki shrieked in horror.

"Oh sorry Pussy, Oh, I mean... Puki, I did not know you have come around. How are you doing anyway?" asked the guy with the babyface. Looking on the whole he may be only in his mid-twenties, with black hair combed right to the back, and brown huge eyes. He was tall, and he wore black shirt and jeans.

"Errm, I feel alright. Who are you?" Puki gazed at him as she questioned him.

There was silence. Puki kept staring at the guy, standing just a foot away from her. There was something awefully familiar in his eyes, yet she felt as if she had not seen him before.

"I am a friend. I see that you are doing alright. I shall let the doctor take care of you from now onwards". The mysterious guy dashed out of the room so abruptly that Puki was puzzled with so many unanswered questions. However, she sensed sadness in his eyes, she sensed pain and suffering.

She sensed right. Robin left with tears rolling down his cheeks. He knew this would happen. He knew it all along, but it was a choice to make. There was a price to pay. And he made the choice, and suffered the consequences. It may not seemed to be the best choice, but Robin knew in his heart that Puki must live on.

Robin was a powerful wiccan, originated from the line of the Lin Dynasty. It was said that Robin would inherit ten fold the power of the magic originally achieved by his ancestors. He has been using his powers for good, like treating patients with Erectile Dysfunction, improving sexual drives and health, instant body reshape which includes unlimited breasts and penis enlargements, as well as fast fat burning services, all done by pure clean magic. Of course, he used his magic for other better activities also, like curing diseases such as AIDS. Robin had always tried to make things better for the world, mainly by aiding people to fully enjoy their sex lives.

When the Creature of the night nearly drained the final essence of life out of Puki, Robin jumped out from the darkness, and raised his right arm to the air, with his middle finger pointing out, chanting the following spell:

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust,
Assholes to dickholes,

I am the light that shines over darkness,
I am the light that burns your dick,
I am the light that burns your balls,
I am the light that burns your ass,

you creature of darkness, go F**K yourself lar !!
Now, you F**K off,
I rebuke thee,
F**K off !!

Then there was a bright light, a bright brighter than any human eye will ever see, shining from the middle finger of Robin.

"Nooooooo.. arrrrghhhh.. that burns my Dick !! Arrghhhh... it hurts !!! Ahhh.. my balls are burning as well... arrrrrghhh... no no no....... I can feel my ass on fire !! You have not seen the last of me, I am LUKE CHARMAINE the Vampire, mark my words, I will be back.. I will be back !!" Feeling enormous pain from the burning effect of the "light that destroys the shadow" summoned by Robin, the creature retreated from the scene and vanished into the night.

Puki was near her last breath. Robin knew he had not much time left. He knew the person he has loved more than anything in the world would be gone soon. But it was written in the prophesies that Puki Galore was the Chosen One. She was destined to do great things, and save the lives of the million in the future. This was not her time yet. Something has to be done. Something must be done soon.

In every magic that Robin performed, there must be a sacrifice of an equal value made to obtain the object of desire. For example, if you want your dick to be longer by 2 inches, your balls will be shrunk by 1 inch each. Or if you want to be cured of sifilis, you may lose your ability to have multiple orgasms. If the object of demand is of extremely high value, then the price to pay would be extremely high as well. Therefore, in order to bring Puki back to living ordinarily from her dangerously near death condition, there was only one thing to offer for this magic to be performed:

The memory of the person Puki loved and cared most will be erased forever.

Which means, Robin, whom Puki had loved since her younger days, will be deleted from her hard disk memory. When she woke up, there wont be a single trace of existance of Robin in the life that she remembered, and thought she was living.

Knowing that Puki was all that he would ever cared for, knowing Puki was the only girl in the whole universe that he would ever love, knowing that Puki was not meant to die here, Robin chose to save her.

This time, Robin used his most powerful magical instrument, his 9 inch hard ejaculating staff. As he chanted in God-Knows-What spell, he rubbed his magical staff hard until the wonderous juice of life-replenisher starts squirting out from the center of the staff. In 5 minutes, the juice was sprayed all over Puki, and she glowed in bright yellowish orange light.

In tears, Robin can sense every memory he ever had with Puki slowly drifting away. All those sweet moments, all those sex that they had, all those beautiful times, will all go down the longkang. There was no turning back. He knew that she wont remember him, but that was ok, he just wanted her alive. He cant afford to lose her now. Seeing her well and alive again would make him happy enough. Happy, in such a painful manner.
He was silently hoping, maybe one day, one day, she will fall in love with him again, even without her past memories. It was such a faint hope, but he knew he would hold on to it regardless how impossible it may seem.

"and so it has begun" said Robin, in sobbing tone.

To be continued....
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Side note: Sorry guys for drifting away from my normal pattern of blogging. This is just a temporary flow to accomodate the tags I had reeceived, and doing my part in response to them. I know some of you may not like these type of entries, but hey, you know what, I thoroughly enjoyed what I did. I will be back to my normal style right after this entry. So stay tuned !!


  1. u too also got conned to write a chapter! lol! story getting all outta wack now!

  2. Ekeke, this one looks mighty fun. ANd I'm a vampire, muahahaha! That part sounded like Star Wars meet the Terminator too...

    "I will be back..."

    I'll definitely come up with something by the middle of this week.

  3. hey wuching...
    conned?? ahahhaaa.... it is meant to be outta wack anyway..

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  4. bbwbaaahahahaha!! OMG - my tears a rolling down my cheeks!! good one - wah, u really good with potions n spells hor? can i have an order of those fast fat burner spells but pls, can i skip u rubbing and waving ur magic shaft at me? :P

  5. hey yvy,
    Im afraid without my magic staff.. i cant work my magic !!!

  6. *LOL* I had a fun time reading that. The story has really deviated from the original plot. But who cares? It's meant to be fun. :)

  7. hey luxferi..
    yeah.. vamps and magic introduced.. ahahhahaaa...

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  9. KNS, I just read yours and Luxeferi's posts, and I got conned into writing something X-rated! And I where got balls in the first place!!!

    Btw, you a fan of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles and XXXholic issit?

  10. hey cynical idealist...
    eh at least mine is more tame than luxferi one... her one... whoahh... really explicit !!
    anyway... i watch tsubasa chronicles.. mainly because i so loved cardcaptor sakura back then, but I prefered shaoran as the lead rather than sakura. But in tsubasa chronicels, shaoran is the lead.. YAY...
    errr.. my story ah... got influenced by charmed, angel, buffy (this one is luxferi's fault again) ahhahahaaa..
    a rojak story..

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