Saturday, April 15, 2006

Friday, Good?

Yesterday was the Good Friday celebration, one of the most important events in Christianity. For those of you who do not know a nut about Christianity, for those of you who are Christians but do not know what Good Friday is, and for those of you who think that santa claus comes during Easter.. well, Get a hammer and BANG it hard on your head 5 times Good Friday is a celebration to commemorate the death of Christ.

OCF (Overseas Christian Fellowship) organised a sort of evangelical night at the Subiaco Church in par with the Good Friday celebration, and we were encouraged to bring in as many people as possible. I went of course primarily for the free food and yeah, it is indeed a good way to start off the long anticipated holiday !! Yes, I am on Easter break now, no school for the whole next week. Woo hoooo.. I am so happy now.. I can finally put my worries aside for the time being.. and actually sleep peacefully. Back the the OCF event, the dinner was.... jeng jeng jeng.. pizza buffet !!! Though I would so prefer Broadway Pizza over Dominos, but free flow of pizza is just something that no one should complain about.

Look, unlimited supply of Pizza !!! Aaaaarrrghhhh... my heavens...

My plate...

One helping where got enough... second plate !!!

After dinner was served, and I happily had my second helping I was the only one on the table going for seconds, what thick skin I have there was a talk from this guy, kinda forgot his name though, but he spoke of something about God meets the Simpsons. Dodgy you may call it, but the way he related real life experience with what the fictional characters and plots in the well publicised cartoon brought out some valuable perceptions and challenged us to look at the religion in a new way. He mentioned "Do we see God as the Fictional character we created in out subconscious mind, or do we see God as the real God of faith and love?" Pretty interesting question to ponder there.

The Speaker also pointed out that in the Simpsons the fictional character of God has FIVE fingers, while the other characters only have four fingers. The message was clear. God is not who we think He is, we will never fully understand and come to know Him entirely, we only know Him by faith and by how much He revealed to our extremely limited power of understanding. Huh... I guess the Big Guy is more mysterious than we all thought He would be eh? So is the God that we think He is has four fingers, or five fingers? I was thinking, well... what if God has six fingers? Hmm??

To be honest, I have never really watched the Simpsons before. I know, you can call me living in a nutshell or something, but hey, it just never crossed me and I never had the chance to watch the show.

I went with some familiar faces like Joy and Ruth, while most other people on the table are new to me. New connections... very sweet.

The table...

Me and Ruthie (click)

Me and Joy

There are also games involving many people for the night. Games that require people to do silly and weird things like... imitating the advertising shots of Loreal by saying the line with style "Coz, I am worth it"..... Poor tormented souls on the stage, hope they did not get too traumatised by such embarassing acts... well it was all for good cause, and everyone was having such good laughs and fun time.

Throughout the dinner, there were numerous wondeful performance presented by beautiful people of OCF. With the limited memory and battery life on my camera, I managed to recored some of the performace and yeah, do hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. The video clips may take a while to load, so be patient. For those of you who are using dial-ups.... ahhaha.. really sorry for u guys...

For you people out there, Christ did not die for nothing. Do not take this event for granted. Christ has sacrificed himself in exchange for our own freedom. The question now is, what have we done in return for the price He has paid for us?


  1. the speaker looks like dr. evil from austin powers!

  2. hey wuching...
    yeah, guess being bald does bring that kind of impression eh?

  3. hey, free pizza, free guitar, wish I'm there, hehe. I had to pay RM25 for lamass pizza from "Pondok Piza" last nite, and ate til i almost puke. M'sia... kinda sux, sigh.

  4. HI ROBIN!!
    honestly, i asked my friends few days ago on what Good Friday is all about. hahaha. ok ok, Jesus was crucify that day. now, i know. hehehe. whoa. you look damn smiley weh. you really love the festive season, do you?

  5. hey yiaw wei,
    yeah, some things are free in perth, but for everything else, its damned expensive i tell u...

    hey cheng sim,
    I smile always.. glad that you know what Good Friday is all about now.. ahhaha

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