Monday, April 10, 2006

Freedom of Speech

Somewhere in the middle of Murray Street Mall in the busy busy city of Perth, there is this one unique place that probably strikes the attention of the public every weekend. There is this open stand for anyone to practise freedom of speech. This particular corner is valid for anyone, and the topic of interest is completely free. People speak of politics most of the time, some may even preach the gospel, like people have not had that enough in the many churches around this Christian nation.

Usually I would never care about this freedom of speech thing, sometimes one apek or ah ma goes up the stage, preach God knows what boring crap, and the next thing you know, a bird flies by and drop its crap on the speakers mouth. Alright, it wasnt that bad, but the point is, I seldom, or rather never give a damn on what those people would speak about to the public. Like anyone cares. However, this time, yeah, this particular time, something caught my attention. I was stunned.

This apek really Chiak Pa Bo-su-cho (has nothing better to do in Hokkien) and talked about "decrimination against men". All this while all I heard of was descrimination on women. My first time indeed, in my entire life, I have seen something in this reverse order. So I decided to stop my legs and open my ears for a while....

"If a guy comes to a girl, and fuck her, the guy is wrong."

"If the girl comes to the guy, and the guy fucks her, the guy is still wrong, if the girl wants to make it that way."

"Women are made more and more equal to men in rights and legislation nowadays, and but in truth, men are losing more and more natural rights."

"Women will take over and dominate everything if this continues on and nothing is done to stop it"

"Women are monstrous creatures from hell, evil and viscous, they can devour men that stand in their way"

Alright, those were not exactly what that person said, but that kind of fits the message he tried to get across the audeince. Yes, the audience, there were actually people listening to that apek speaking !! Amazing !! And I was one of them.. ahemm..

I do agree on some points about the disadvantages of being a man. For instance the sexual rights are all against men, as if men are ALL so "hiaw" and "chiko". (being overly obsessed with sex) The truth is, many men are decent people, and trapped by evil women who know very well the flaw in the system and work their way through by preying men into having sex with them and in the end turn against men in laws of court. More than often innocent men are made guilty and shameful, while women walked away with much to gain.

Sad sad world indeed.

Side note: I may not update that much on this blog for the coming week, due to heavy mid semester exams and next to no time project deadlines. If this blog is silent for more than one week, most likely I am killed by stress and frustration over work. Do pray for my soul if that happens.


  1. Tons and tons and megatons of luck to you, Robin! I'll be sticking close by and watch out for any updates anyway but hey, remember to relax, ok? Like throwing a book at the lecturer for making you go through this. :P

    Ha..... so the apek preaches, eh? The question is, do you agree with him? *LOL*

  2. Oh, I forgot! I voted for you. :)

  3. hey luxferi,
    thanks for the vote !! We kuching bloggers must support each other.. ahhahaha
    the apek preaching.. i agree on small part of it lar, didnt stay long though.. just listen for a short while.. ahahaa.. but he managed to gather himself a crowd.. not bad at all for an apek...