Friday, April 14, 2006

Fear of butts on fire

I know the system and procedures for the fire emergency in Australia (heck, virtually every other systems) are extremely complicated and overly done (click), just when I thought things could not get any worse, they got rather interesting. Today, my own eyes opened my thoughts to something I have never anticipated before in my life. Such out of place advanced and futuristic yet unnecessary application of fire emergency system to the university. I have stumbled upon this panel of controls right in front of the GPB (General Purpose Building) on my way to university today.

Take a good look at it. The panel actually has many integrated equipment parts of any kind.

1. Breakable glass

Obviously for your fist to punch once you fail to find a suitable victim to vent your anger at. This is widely common everywhere in the world, but somehow somewhere this little device is inter-connected to the entire system. I am useless when it comes to electronics..

2. Radio Communicator

Device for you to practise your pranks. Screw april fools. You can do it anytime. Just grab the radio up and maybe, maybe someone hot and sexy is on the other line. You well never know if that is gonna happen, like I will never know this panel would actually have this radio shit installed !! What the heck is that for? Free link directly to the fire station emergency line? Is this really necessary considering the fact that virtually everyone owns at least one cellphone nowadays? Not to mention the emergency numbers are free of charges at most places.

3. LCD Screen.

Alright, this is the part that got my jaws dropped all the way to the floor. Goodness.. Such control system, for God-knows-what purpose, does it actually require an LCD Screen for display?? Not to mention it is TOUCHSCREEN some more !!! For an emergency and safety tool, the people here sure spend a lot on its cosmetics and appearence. Not to mention the prestige and class the entire model portrays. We all know how cool can LCD touch screen be. And this one certainly looks much better and more interesting than the ones you get from the ATM machines. But would it not be burned to ashes like everything else if fire really occurs in the building? Sisuahlai (click) would say "Uh Lui Kai Boh Lo" (Plenty of cash with no proper spending scheme)

4. Guides and instructions.

Alright, I tried to read those printed stuff, I could not understand how the operation works, so I guess for someone as smart as I am the instructions are not meant for the public, but solely for the fire-fighting presonnel only. If I were to be assigned to operate this control panel, the thought that would strike my mind is "just press press and see what happens lar... who the F*** cares..."

5. errr.. apa ini??

I honestly do not have a single clue on what this box is and what it is doing here... maybe more controls or something.

I was quite shocked noticing such high-priced item on display just outside the building, completely exposed to anyone that passes by. What if people with itchy hands like me would just spray my shit on the piece of junk? Or worse, tearing the whole thing down? The risk is there, and the risk is known to everyone. This strongly reflects the mentality of the people here in Australia. People here actually do respect the properties in the public places. Though there are still vandalism cases happening there and here in Perth, but you would seldom if not never find significant equipments and facilities like telephones or toilets being badly damaged.

I dare someone to try and place this panel in one of the universities in Malaysia. It will be most interesting to observe what could happen to this expensive piece of junk, and more importantly, "how fast" it can happen. My point is, there are still elements in the mentality of our society back home that lack the maturity and mutual appreciation. We often complain that the government is not providing us enough of those state of the art, advanced facilities and infrastructures, but do the people sufficiently possess the responsibility to take care and handle those things with care? If you dare to say yes, go find yourself a screwdriver and swallow it. Boy, the truth is, we still have a long way to go before we actually can call ourselves a modern society. What irks me off is the fact that we Malaysians often claim that we are indeed civilised, and in par with what the westerners have achieved. From the way I see it, we are still far left behind.

Well, back to the control panel for the fire emergency junk at the GPB. I do not know if that piece of junk would actually make fire fighting more efficient. I cannot tell if the newly installed system would be applied to the whole university. I am not sure if the presence of the whole thing is just purely cosmetic, injecting a face-lift to the university status and prestige (with touch screen baby !!!) But what I do know is, the whole concept is a waste of money.

Safety my ass. If I head down to the GPB and plant a bomb there, the whole building would still explode to shreds. "Terrorist wins !!" - I so miss those days of counter strike...


  1. that slots panel means u have to pay money to get the authority to come!

  2. hey wuching,
    true also hor.. never thought of that.. ahahaa

  3. Are Aussies paying realy high taxes for useless stuff like that thing??!
    I mean if you put those kinda high tech stuff in public in Malaysia, I'll bet my money on it some punk kids would vandalize that thing in no time.Im very sure of that...
    There's nothing better than the old telephone call method.well, there's not much of a hassle,right?

  4. Hey arth..
    well, i am not sure if the thing is available anywhere else besides the uni, but yeah, if it is, i would rather have the old telephone method.

  5. Woahhh sorry sorry for not visiting for so long. :) Miss your posts.

    Really, when I saw your pictures and the high-tech-ness of it, all I pictured mentally is loads of cash, being flushed down the toilet.

    It makes you go "Cool..." but really, when you think about it, it's really unnecessary.

  6. hey luxferi,
    sure missed u here.. ahahhaa
    yeah.. all the cash.. flushed down the toilet. sad case indeed.