Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dim sum

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the ANZAC day, something like the national day for Australia and New Zealand, a commemorative event for the brave sexy soldiers who died in war fighting for the freedom of these lands. Yeah, like I would be interested enough to care. ANZAC day was a public holiday, officially a university holiday as well. Such extra time was very much needed for my extensive revision for my last paper of mid semester examinations earlier on today.

I think I survived my examinations. I have a feeling I could at least get a pass for everything. I have a good feeling.

Anyway, stress was definitely building up in all of us, so Thiam, Me, Sarah and Diaz decided to go for an authentic Dim Sum Lunch. Since it was ANZAC day, many places were closed. After driving all the way across the river to the land far far away going around much we arrived at a Chinese Restuarant somewhere in South Perth, called Yummy BBQ.

Ok, I know you will ask where got dim sum in a BBQ place?? Insane or not? Well, aparently the place serves dim sum particularly for breakfast and lunch, and it is then converted into an ordinary Chinese Restaurant with BBQ menu to go along with it later in the afternoon. Many places in Perth adopts similar patern in dining business. Weird, more like a 2 in 1 combo to me, but it works just fine, as long as the food prepared is good to the taste.

For those of you who do not know anything about dim sum, here is a short intro description. This is a form of lunch, prepared in sets of 2 to 4 pieces of yummy small portions, piled in trays dragged along by the restaurant waitors or waitresses passing your table. You can pick whatever you like from the selections available at the tray, and the bill will be marked accumulating each item you add on the table. Basically everything will look deliciously tempting, and the people serving the dim sum speak very fluent cantonese, which I know none of. Another sad fact about Robin Wong.

This will be a a food photoblog, so yeah, just feel free to lick your monitor screen if you can actually smell the aroma coming out from the pictures. Be hungry, be very, very hungry looking at the photos....


This is one of my favourites in Dim Sum, but unfortunately the deep fried squid here is not crispy enough to my taste. And the chunky huge pieces do not add to my liking as well. Could have been better.


Fresh Prawns wrapped in golden crispy fried wanton skin... one of my favourites.. served with creamy mayonaise, arrrghh...

Err.. isit HAR KOW

Also with prawn stuffed inside dunno what skin... ok im starting to get lost on the things I have eaten. Well, who cares.. as long as they taste nice...

Ok... I do not know what this is...

But it sure is delicious.. yummy.... with pork and prawn inside too.. man.. im starting to feel that everything has prawn inside...


I seriously do not know what the canton-name means in English, but it is rice skin with prawn, again, wrapped inside. The sauce outside is something similar to light soy sauce.. Man, this feels like prawn fiesta !!


Porridge serves with crispy dunno what yellowish stuff, and traces of century egg inside. I personally hate century eggs, but hey, since it comes with the package, I just swallow everything down lar.


Ok, this is supposed to be desert, but hey, it is warm, and I do not quite like my deserts warm. I would prefer to have something cold with the chilling effect to soothe the mouth and throat after gulping hot and oily stuff. So this counts as one of the main dishes as well. Soft egg fillings, and crumby crust on the outside.


White bun with bbq pork filling. Alright this is the beginning of dishes with no prawn fillngs in them.


I would say this is my most favourite of all, selected by Diaz... Simply love the beancurd skin, and the meat stuffing inside was just tender and juicy.


Now this is what I call a real desert, something cold and SWEEEEEET.... ahhh..

I gotta say I enjoyed the lucnch tremendously. I seriously need to indulge myself in something nice to take off some of the stress induced by intensive studies preparation for the endless mid sem examinations. Well, I have not had dim sum lunch for quite some time, and i do miss it some how.

How much did it cost me?

Thanks to this lovely friend-gal of mine, Sarah.. It was paid for !!! Awwwhh.. sweeeeeet...

And thats me, enjoying my desert.. yummy.. ohh yummy...

Thanks Diaz for driving us around !! The lunch was indeed awesome. Man, I am starting to crave for dim sum again....


  1. Muahaha, that's one of my favourite dim sum haunts. You've ordered some of the nicest stuff there too.

    Another really good place for dim sum is the Applecross Foo Kwai restaurant. This one abit more high class, but worth it. And it's not that expensive either. In the city area, Oriental Inn is another good place.

  2. You made me hungry! God those pics look good. Esp that har kow. *licks lips*

  3. hey cynical-idealist
    i usually go to hois kitchen... but now closed oledy !!! Arrghhh..
    been to oriental inn, indeed a good place. Applecross far far from my place lar..

    hey luxferi,
    ahhaaa.. gotcha !! That is my intention.. make my readers salivate looking at the photos.. muahahahhahahhhaa

  4. You're evil! You'd been plotting my reaction! *LOL* You wait lar... I'm going to post something uniquely Kuching and see if you don't salivate because you can't get it in Australia! Ha! :P

  5. hey luxferi,
    wahahaaaa... wow.. would love to salivate on something i have not tasted for a while....
    boy... i miss kuching food... now that u mentioned it.. ahahaa

  6. I ve been to Foo Kwai, it is just alright. Hoi's was my favorite, I took lotsa pictures before they closed =)
    I go to Six Happiness or Joy Garden.
    Honest, nothing can compare to Hoi's.. I mean in Perth la! =)

  7. hey cynthia,
    I miss hoi's too !!! Oh gosh their deep fried squid is beyond comparison !!! It is just the best one can find in perth...
    not to mention the prawns are always always super fresh....

  8. that's "siu mai". robin u have to rmbr that coz it's my fav dimsum dish. haha. jkjk.

    the har kow made me really hungry. but its 2am. not right for supper.

  9. hey chloe..
    yeah.. will remember that.. we usually just look at the tray and whatever looks nice we pick it out.. hahahhaaa...

  10. brave sexy soldiers??? sexy????

  11. hey wuching,
    yeah.. people see soldiers and brave and sexy what.... no meh??

  12. hahaha. at least the Chinese food there aren't that bad in Australia. although the best ones has to be the ones in Malaysia! when will you be back?

  13. oh.. the queue is long.. hope the food was worth the wait.

    hmmm... another what-I-Ate post, but nice.

  14. hey cheng sim,
    im not entirely suer when i will be back to malaysia though.. planning to work here after i graduate.. if that is possible..

    hey another robin,
    errm, actually we got our seats right on the spot we went in the restaurant... we were quite lucky.
    I love to blog about food, food is something i seriously want to remember. I love food.
    btw.. it has been quite a while since i last blogged about food though...

  15. that meat stuffed dumpling is called the siew mai.

    hee hee..

  16. hey kachuaz,
    yeah.. siew mai indeed !!

  17. Robin, I got your ass back for enticing me with these insanely droolworthy pics by TAGGING YOU WITH THE LIN DYNASTY! The baton's in your hand now sweetie!

    *gasps and runs off*


  18. hey luxferi...
    arrrgh.. revenge so soon....
    wahh.. double tags... gonna take some time worr...