Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Black Widow Spider

I am scared of a lot of things. One of my natural fear is of spiders. I just hate spiders. I do not know why, maybe it is my natural instinct that tells me spiders are dangerous, and do not touch them !!!

Today, of all the places in the house, right at the corner of the washing sink in the kitchen, I found this.

Ok, that spider has moved up a bit since i scared it off. I took a closer look. Observe the RED SPOT on the abdomen.

For a moment there I almost fainted. Call me a wuss. Whatever. That is a BLACK WIDOW SPIDER. The only spider with red spot on their body is black widow spider. Just in case you are like my housemates who are total sua kus (beetles in the jungle) who have not heard of its existance, black widow spider is considered the most venomous spider in the entire planet Earth, with the intensity of their venom 15 times greater of the standard venom released by a rattle snake.


I went to Wikipedia and came out with this results (click)

Adult female black widow spiders are shiny black with an hourglass shaped
marking on the bottom of its abdomen.

Yeap, that pretty much describes the spider in my kitchen, so it is no doubt a black widow spider... no kidding..

Widow spiders have more potent venom than most spiders, and 5% of reported bites
result in fatalities...

What what what !!! Fatalities !! People can actually DIE from the bites??
Arrrghhh !!

Only sixty-three deaths were reported in the United States between 1950 and 1989
(Miller, 1992).

What do you mean "only"?? 63 people actually DIED from the black widow venom ?? ***GASSSPPPP***

And there it was, a black widow spider hanging around my house !!!

I do not know how common this is in Australia, maybe there is an average of 5 to 10 spiders lingering in each house (pure baseless hypothetical assumption). Maybe there are some lurking around the corners of my bedroom. Maybe it is not as lethal as it is supposed to be. I do not know. I remembered vaguely from this TV series back in my childhood called "recscue 911", there was this episode where a girl was bitten by the black widow spider and rushed to the hospital. I am entirely sure that they mentioned the only reason why she did not die was because the spider might have bitten something else before the girl, thus releasing a huge amount of venom into the previous victim.

Wow... now.... there it was. A black widow spider hanging around my house !!

And so I alerted my hosuemates who know none about black widow spider its special abilities (killing humans that is), and initially they would not care that much, until they heard about the killing part.

WT: Har.. such small thing can kill human ah??
Robin: Yes.
WT: You sure that is black widow?
Robin: Yes.
WT: How come u so sure? It can be just any red dot on the body what...

*WT googled black widow spider*

Wt: ok... that IS a black widow spider....

*WT googled more*

WT: OK... lets KILL it.... before it gets to us...

Kids, do not try this at home. If you found a black widow spider somewhere in your house, please alert your mama or papa. Please do not alert your Grandma.. or she might think that is a cute beetle and play with it instead... You do not want to see your Ah Ma turn into an ugly SpiderWoman after bitten by the spider and jump around the house crazily, happily spinning webs do you?? For goodness sake, be a good kid.

You see, the spider was hiding at that corner, heck they always do. We cant have a clean flat WHACK on it. So we have to find other means to get to it, without our skins near the jumping range (estimated spiders can jump up to 30cm radius) of the spider.

Here are the eauipments we gathered and the short sequence of our process in extermination the spider. The spider may not be visible, due to the black glass window behind it and the poor lighting in the kitchen. But heck, just watch the clips for the actions.

Mold Spray.

This is a good way to slow down the movement of the spider. The acidic content should torture and hurt the spider enough, sending a clear message that humans can hurt them as well. Yeah, we are good at tortures !!!!

Fire Starter

The HOT flame should fry the butt for sure. Burning the spider alive after acidic torture is just as fantastic as having ice cream after eating fried chicken. Alright.. that does not sound so right.. but yeah... adding fire in the scene means.. adding life !!! Woo hooo...

And you know what... The spider is still F**king ALIVE after acid and FIRE burn !!!
Damned.. what are spiders made of? Fire resistant and acid proof material??

And so... here goes another round..


We do not know if we really killed the spider for sure, it went to the hole in the dark corner, and we could not really tell for sure. Maybe it died. Maybe it is still alive. For what we are certain, there was no movement for a long time.

Yeah, call us crazy. Call us Chiak Pa Boh Su cho (Having nothing better to do). But I am sure none of us wants to be bitten by the deadly spider with the fatal venom it carries. No way, I am only so young that there is an entire stretch of my life laid in front of me. I guess my other friends standing together with me ok lar, I am only holding the camera doing nothing all the time exterminating the spider would feel the same too.

Have any of you seen a black widow spider before? Man, I never knew I would come face to face with one before...


  1. aiyah why u wanna kill it? if u don't bother them they won't bother u!

  2. Never seen a Black Widow but encountered a HUGE spider..

  3. i'm not really scared of spiders..but a black widow is seriously one 8 legged pest to be avoided and destroyed at all cause.

    heh,sadistic wan,you and your frens.Memang got nothing better to do you all..lol

  4. hey wuching,
    errmm. what if it crawls to find my KKC when I am sleeping at night?

    hey pelf,
    that was one spider with VERY long legs !!!

    hey arth,
    yeah.. we really had nothing better to do.. ahahahahaa...
    killing something could be fun too !!

  5. Haha, you really very free hor? And I didn't know you were Mandarin speaking.

  6. hey cynical-idealist
    Err.. those are my housemates speaking mandarin, not me.. ahahaa..
    I can only understand faintly what they are speaking though...
    I am a pure banana !!

  7. Die MOTHER FUCKER!!! DIE DIE DIE! Heh, you should have a BB Gun with you...can shoot it down :D

  8. Hey Mike,
    Yeah.. DIE DIE DIE !!!

  9. Aiyo...you miss the chance to be Spider-Man liao...!

  10. hey kenny
    I do not want to be a spider man !!!

  11. why kill the cute little spider???? u evillLLLL!!!!!! hahahahaha...

  12. u'll get more chances if it crawling into ur mouth when u sleep than ur kkc! either way don't kill it!

  13. hey chun chow,
    cute meh??

    hey wuching,
    would you say the same if it was a snake instead? Yet black widow spider is 15 times more poisonous than a rattle snake..

  14. i think in aust those guys are called "red-back spiders", and you'll see lots of warnings about them

  15. hey chan gang,
    red back spider? Havent heard of any warnings before..

  16. What, no Ridsect around? :P OK... how about pouring bleach at it? Btw, I don't think this is called Chiak Pa Bo Su Cho... I think it's more like survivor instinct and keeping yourself alive.

  17. hey luxferi,
    IM afraid spiders such as black widow is insecticide resistant !! Ridsect wont do any harm...
    that is what I read online lar..

  18. Wah liew... so damn resilient one... yes, I heard the same things about coakroaches... damn those things you can boil, put into oven and crank it up at 150 degrees celcius ++ and it'll still be running around happily. Yeah some people actually did that experiment. Hey, maybe you can catch it and try to microwave it? See what happens. OK just kidding la... don't risk your life trying to catch a black widow!!

  19. hey luxferi...
    wow.. microwave a black widow... sounds cool !! Maybe it will explode to shreds.. heh !!
    But yeah, it is far too risky... would not want my finger anywhere near it...
    once bitten... habis cerita..