Monday, April 03, 2006

Air Asia

Air Asia is the one and only Airline alternative in Malaysia besides Malaysian Airlines, MAS. In the beginning, Air Asia provided nothing short of "normal" air flight services, with their flight fees priced just slightly lower than budget flights of MAS. I remembered my first flight to KL from Kuching in Air Asia in 1999, the flight seemed to be a replication of what MAS produced, with full in flight meals provided, seat bookings and so on. Over the years, God knows what happened which I can care less about, something goes terribly wrong in Air Asia, changing from a "normal" flight airline to the "budget-dirt-cheap" airline.

Following the change, dramatic price fall was observed, reducing from time to time with flights as cheap as RM69.99, RM39.99, RM19,99, RM9.99 and ta daaaa... they also provide free flights nowadays !! Yeah, you heard that right, free flight, except you still have to pay the airport and fuel taxes. All you gotta do is just be super quick and book your huge heavy ass a seat on the flight. Subsequently, everything else in the flight, including the standards and status dropped dramatically as well, no free in flight meals (not even a glass of water unless requested), lousy services, countless flight delays and technical problems, and so on. There have been too many complains and frustrations from the customers over the years, but as to me, what the heck, it is cheap. What more can you ask for?? Think about it, RM39.99 for a flight from Kuching to KL, it is cheaper than the bus ticket from Kuching to Miri. Dirt cheap alright, and for financially broken people like me, it is indeed, wwwooooookkkeeeehhhh.

I checked the Air Asia website out lately, and out of curiosity I clicked the cabin crew section (click) . And I found some rather disturbing descriptions about the crew. Read on more here (click).

The ladies dress in chili red AirAsia suits. Perfectly applied makeup. Walk in confidence in fine court shoes. Smell like a garden of roses.

Wah lau, what is so special about ladies in red suits anyway? Perfect make up?? Puuhhh-lizzzz, more like hauntingly overdone to me. Walk in confidence? In what shoes? Like anyone would ever see any cabin crew wearing slippers before. The last bit irks me, really, "smell like garden of roses", it is either they endlessly sprayed themselves over with unlimited supply of perfume or cologne, or doing so to cover the vomit inducing body odor caused from lack of bath and self hygiene due to insufficient rest on overly hectic flight schedules.

AirAsia's cabin crew are not just good looks.
Superior quality comes with the aesthetics, and every crew demonstrates skill and talent in carrying out his/her tasks efficiently.

So far, I have no complains on how the cabin crews served the passengers, I would not rate them any lower just bacause the flights are cheaper and you expect lower qualities from them.

But, after seeing this photo below....

OMFG !!! WTF !!!!!

Goodness gracious... You just gotta admit something is very very very wrong. "skill and talent to perform tasks efficeintly", my huge heavy ass lah !!

So now, everyone can fly. Really?

side note: Thanks Adrian from US for the photos. I can't believe my eyes either.