Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Student Cafe

When I first came to Perth, I knew I will have to dig out a lot from my shallow pocket to fulfill my everlasting hunger. Me and my housemates here do take turns to cook most of the days, but that would just specifically for the dinners. For lunches, I usually have something very light, toasts or sandwiches, or anything of that sort since I could not find much time in between lectures and tutorials to prepare proper meals. Something simple, quick and filling are enough to kill off part of the hunger till dinner time. What a sad life.

It did not take me long to discover this place near my house, probably 5 minutes walk away only. It is called the Student Cafe, where Malaysian and Singaporean food is served at comparably lower prices that standard meals in Perth.

A plate of decent meal in Perth, say Fried Hor Fun, Kebab, or Spaghetti would cost somewhere around 7-10 bucks. In Student Cafe, you can get a decent serving for only 3.50 bucks !! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!! For people that is so lazy to cook like me, it is a convenient way to obtain proper meal for lunch !! Of course, in comparison with dining out in Malaysia where the cheap hawker stalls are almost everywhere, it is still more expensive. A plate of noodles or rice with meat and vegie would only costs RM3-4, which in conversion would probably be less than 1.50 bucks Aussie !!! It is just not appropriate to compare different places in such manner, so lets just stick this pricing to Perth only in this entry.

Student Cafe will always be jammed during lunch time.

Besides the pricing being super cheap, Student Cafe is also known to serve good Malaysian and Singaporean dishes like Chicken Rice, Fried Rice with BBQ Chicken, Nasi Lemak and Curry Chicken Rice. Being away from home for so long, and having those home-alike food served just 5 minutes walk away from house here that costs around 3-4 bucks, it is truly a blessing.

Not to mention the food they serve is quite good too. The servings may appear to be slightly inadequate in portion when you go there with huge appetite and superb hunger. However, you can always add on extra rice, noodles, meat or vegetables at reasonable costs. I usually would add rice for only extra 50 cents. I know I know, I eat a lot. But hey, food is one of the reasons that kept me alive.






I usually would visit the Student Cafe once or twice a week. During examinations period, when I cannot find any more time to set aside for cooking, you may probably find me there quite often. Oh, not to forget the people there are super-friendly as well.

I guess it is good to see good Asian food, more importantly, they are really cheap comparatively.



  1. omg.......... looks good! i wanna come here also la if i happen to land in perth

  2. hey smashpop,
    it is the place to get cheap food in Perth !!! I cant find anywhere else cheaper.. and the food is very good too !!

  3. Ooh, I know that place! Been there once. But I know it as the 3.50 chicken rice shop. Haha...never bothered to remember the proper name. The owner has another branch at Karawara near Curtin uni too, but I didn't know that they had such a wide range of food. Everytime I go there (which isn't very often) it's always just Hainanese chicken rice, roast chicken rice or char siew rice.

    The food there is the cheapest I've seen in Perth too!

  4. nice foods for reasonable prices, i like!

  5. whoa. it does make you feel like home huh? i love the BBQ with fried rice! oh gosh, look SO yummy! u did a good job in taking those pictures! thumbs up!

  6. Hey Cynical-idealist,
    Yeah, I remember someone told me that they had a branch in Curtin too !! And I also heard that last time it was only AUD3 for the chicken rice !!

    Hey wuching,
    yeah, anything cheap and good is always welcomed.. hahahahaa

  7. hey Cheng Sim,
    coincidentally, the BBQ chicken and fried rice is my personal favourite too !! Just could not get enough of it.. i always have extra rice top on.. hahahhaha

  8. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD......I'm hungry now!!
    Yeah...heard food in Oz are quiet expensive. Good thing you found a place that doesn't really burn a huge hole in ur pockets.hehe

  9. hey arth,
    yaloh... lucky got such cheap place.. if not i died in hunger oledy

  10. I must say, there look pretty decent, and yummy.

    your pics showed all take-aways.. I hope u didn't ate all of them. How did u get so many pics at the same time?

    Owned by Chinese, I guessed..

  11. what the hell...why so cheap one?!?!??! Damnnn

  12. hey chin kian,
    yeah baby.. got cheap food here also mah !!!

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