Saturday, March 11, 2006

Signs and Tags 2

Remember my previous entry some time ago, Signs and Tags (click) ?? This is an extension to what I previously collected in Perth, and I find some of the new signs and tags placed all around Perth rather interesting and amusing, if not out of the ordinary. People sure have ways to convery certain message to other people via sign boards, may it be official or not, but creativity may prove to be a stretch too extreme at times. Overly expressing a point may just kill off the point itself.

Lets cut the crap and go right to the interesting part shall we?

At the train stops all around Perth, there are signs warning and telling the public not to cross the train tracks, touch the live wires, and so on. Some of them were designed with such art that tickled me right to the bone.

Like these few:

Do not cross the train tracks while the lights are flashing and alarm is sounding. So, If the lights are not flashing, and the alarm is not sounding, but you can see the train running towards where you stand, you can cross the tracks. It is inevitable, like what Mr Smith said to Neo in the Matrix when they heard the sound of the train coming from the far side of the tunnel.

Well, the words say look out at two tracks. But the illustration looks different...

Seems to me that the person in the illustration is crossing the tracks even though there is a train passing by !! What kind of message is this telling us?? Huh??

Now this one (below) is my favourite...

It says overhead live wires. I believe the illustration this time tells you that if you walk under the wires, you may be electricuted, as if lightning and thunder bolts zapping you from the live wires above your head !! How cool is that??

Moving on to other places in Perth.

At the Cottesloe Beach, there is this sign saying unstable cliffs. Like usual, the illustration shows something rather interesting. Stand at the cliff, and the edge will break apart, and you will want to dive in with the broken edge.

On the way to Burswood Casino, there was this hill you will need to go down from if you walk from the train stop. And there is this sign proudly displaying "Hamburger hill". I was deeply puzzled. I looked around and around, again and again. No sign of hamburgers whatsoever. Why is this hill named after food, like hamburger? I thought maybe there was a restaurant famous for hamburgers, with historical attributes or something. Believe me, the whole land area has nothing with hamburger or anything related to hamburger on it.

I really like this one. I never liked MacDonalds anyway, but I have to admit their French Fries is good. Not many places can serve good French Fries, but this place fights right to the origin of the most popular variation of fried potatoes. Who would have thought French Fries is not from France, but Belgium? Wait, is this fact correct? Who cares....

We usually see signs telling the vehicles on the road to slow down because of schools or hospital nearby with mindless kids and possibly old folks crossing the vultures infested road of incredibly fast speeding vehicles. We could not want our precious car to hit and possibly take a life of another, especially the innocent one. screw the evil ones But but but, who would give a damn about the ducks? And believe it or not, people here do slow down their cars and wait patiently for the ducks to cross the road !! What the... Tell this to the citizens of Malaysia. They will chase down sweet little kitten or doggie just to crush them for the fun of it. Thats the usual case for dogs and cats, that walk the land of Kuching, my hometown. If the people there ever see a duck on the road....

It will most likely end up becoming this...

What a sorrowful, but deliciously tempting fate.....

Just near my house, there is a street named, "Megalong". The street is not that long, and certainly I do not see anything else that is strikingly long to me. I guess, previously the people living on that street have something common in length, something particularly "MegaLong". I truly wonder what that was... what could it be...

This is what I liked most so far.

I just could not agree with it more. Alcohol is nothing short of the perfect blessing from heaven. With the right amount of booze, we get just the right amount of motivation and drive to get going when things seem to go wrong. Beer is man's best friend. Screw dogs. They bark and they bite. Beer is soothing and calms the soul.

Have you spotted any stunningly outstanding signs and tags around your place lately? Feel free to share with !!!


  1. oh! The Belgium Cafe.. Love the white beer there. Go there pretty often =)

  2. hey cynthia,
    i have never tried that place before !! maybe I should go there some time...

    hey chriskalanidotcom,
    yeah, those signs are really something eh...

  3. i like the roast duck picture lol..

  4. hey alicia....
    obviously u are in love with food !!!
    believe me, the roast duck tasted heavenly...

  5. Hahah...hilarious. Just hope that nothing's gonna happen to me with that confusing signs when I'm in Perth next year. :p

  6. hey kenjj,
    nah.. im sure u will be fine... probably u will ahve a good time laughing at them !!!