Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sculptures by the sea

Ok, I know my laptop is still dead and all, but I just could not stop myself from blogging. I may live without laptop, but I shall never live without blogging !!!! It has become, an inseperable part of my life now.

I just want to complain on and on how horrible my week was, but hey, that may not solve any of my problems now. So I went straight down to the beach today. I need to unwind, I need to relax, I need a breakaway. Remember Cottesloe Beach (click)? the place where the hot babes flock Yeah, today I went there again, on free bus ride. Yup, you heard that right, FREE bus ride. The money eating machine on the bus had some problems so the driver just asked us to go in without paying anything !!! Perfect timing, if you ask me.

I have heard that more and more babes go on nude at the beach there is this Art Exhibition called Sculptures by the sea happening on the beach. It is an annual event, which leaves me wondering what was I doing last year at this time around. Man, I must have been missing out a lot of things back then like how I missed SEXPO Apparently, Sculptures by the sea is an internationally recognised event, and has been very well published everywhere. Cottesloe Beach is just the perfect setting for such display of talent and art to many from young to old, with the forever-blue waters and white soft sands being the main attraction for the event. When I arrived at the beach, the place was already jammed with so many people from God knows where. Well, it is still summer after all.

The pieces of arts and sculptures were scattered randomly all over the places, on the sand, on the rock, and even the lawn before the beach. There is no particular order to the arrangement, and the theme for the art varies extensively. There were many of them altogether, I did not count how many, but I reckon more than 50 pieces of seperate display items. I have taken pictures of almost all the sculptures leaving some really lame and lousy ones out to save my limited storage but I shall only present the ones that got my attention on this entry. I will try my best to come out with the most appropriare name and matchingly-lame description for each one of them.


This guy is some how born without a penis, nor a vagina. What a deep symbolic meaning can this portray in our daily lives.


It is summer, and if you have your ice-cream under the hot sun, it will melt at such speed that you may have to lick your fingers clean after you finish with the cone.


You can shoot this camel with all the bullets you have, and its body may be pierced repeatedly, but still the camel stands on the sand. Heck, Neo (the Matrix) could not even take a single bullet.


Instead of airplane crashed on a mysterious island with survivors scampering each other, the astronauts somehow got their rocket or shuttle to land on Cottesloe, a place full of boobies. Wooo hoooo.. why search for life on other planets?... paradise awaits here in Perth.


The cows have travelled across the deserts for thousands of miles, and obviously dehydrated and thirsty. When they come to the temptingly blue waters of Cottesloe, they drank up desperately to quench their thirst. What a tragedy.


What better scenery there is other than Cottesloe to be the last thing for you to see before you die? of course boobies


Seriously, I would freak out if I come into a room full of sinks and all the waters running down from the taps. Geeezzzz... So much water to waste... think of the water-deprived places... like Arab or Africa or somewhere...

Also, there are things that just do not make any blurdy sense at all. Well, some form of art is indefinable I take.

This one (below) is my personal favourite.


They are all fat, they all have small penis, and they all read books. I believe the general conception is that guys who are too much into the books, geeks or nerds or whatever the label is, are just not attractive, and lack of sexual appeal. I could not get this intepretation wrong, no I could not.

I must say that the arts on display are of prestigious quality, though the artistic part of me is dying off, giving way to the cruel engineering world. I appreciate art being displayed there on the beach, and certainly this has made my visit even more colourful and entertaining. not that the babes are not entertaining enough They even have the open-voting system for the public to fill in the forms and choose whichever piece of display they think is the best and worth winning the sponsored prizes. If I were to vote, I would definitely go for the FAT-MEN, SMALL DICKIES.

Apart of the display, there are also many things happening around the beach.

SEXY MEN playing beach volleyball, oh the sweats and muscles.. aaahhhh.... ok ok... this is so very wrong coming from a guy...

FISHING on the rocks....

NAKED BABE Sand Sculpting. This guy has taken a step further from sand castle building and turned the sands and water into beautifylly sculpted sexy smooth real-sezed babes !!! Wow... such talent.. and such passion for perfection in anatomy of sexual pleasure... I like this very much !!! If only this one is in for voting, I would go for it !!

Sorry guys, no pictures of boobies this time. I shall keep them for private use only But hey, isnt the boobies made from sand enough? Ahahhaaa.. anyway.. it was a fun visit, and I needed something like this to really take some frustration and stress off my mind. I felt much better now, and certainly I will have to redefine certain parts of my life and take actions in fixing whatever damage that has been done.

When I was back from the beach.. walking through the university, I saw... this...

What the... Sculpture by the Computer Science building??? Look at it closely again.. it has human feet, horse head, a fish attached at its back, probably dragon tail... WTF is that???? Am I supposed to see art in this? Am I?

Maybe it is a reject from the Sculptures by the sea. Or, maybe it will be the sculture used for computer science. Just like the previously mentioned "naked man" statue (click) in the School of Physics.

I like the naked man better. No, I am not gay, you *****


  1. no you're not gay, you're just step behind gay! hahaha!

  2. hey wuching,
    wahaha.. all the gay people i know (ok, i do not know that many of them) already know and sure that they are gay right from the beginning of self-sexual discoveries, no such thing as being curious. Well... there you are.. ahhahaha

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  4. If only Malaysia appreciate art more like the Westerners.Malaysian way of promoting art is boring. That's why you dont see much response from the community here. Westeners promote art in a way to make everyone enjoy it!
    Sometimes i wish i was living elsewhere where I can work and live as a full time artist. Hmm...

  5. omg. the sculptures are SO SO SO cool! wish they have that in Msia. i love the dead cow, the lost astronaut and what else ar? aiyah forgot edi but this is such a cool entry. love it!

  6. hey arth,
    yeah, the people here sure knows how to promote the art culture to the people.. and whenever there is such functions.. people do actually go and make it happen !!

    hey Cheng Sim,
    My friends love the dead cows too.. ahhahaha.. soo funny suddenly they land there in the middle of nowhere..

  7. how come nobody loves the naked sand babe?

    careful, curiosity might awaken your "other" interest....hehe

  8. hey chin kian,
    hahahaa.. i love the naked babe marr.. enough lar..
    yeah.. i should indulge myself with normal stuff from now on...

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