Friday, March 03, 2006

Scientifically Erotic

I am moulded to think scientifically. Most people who take up science, medicine or even engineering like me would have the square and framed type of thinking that sadly depletes the artistic side off their minds over the time. I see my creativity fading off, in compensation to survive the hellish world of Engineering.

However, the schools of engineering in my university do their part in promoting arts and creativity into the soon to be engineers. They encourage the students to think outside the box, think at the side of the box, at the back of the box, and perhaps even imagining no box at all. As much as they want us to grasp the art in engineering, I just fail to see it everytime. Engineering is engineering, Art is art. No connection whatsoever. And I have always considered myself to be more to the artistic side of person. How did I end up in the strange world of engineering? Long story.

At the main entrance to the Department of Physics Building in my university, everyone must see this statue of a naked man.

Everytime you are rushing to your lecture rooms, you will pass by such artistic figure, in such odd place. A naked physique in the Physics Building. You go figure the connection out.

See it whichever way you like, and this is certainly something that will never be seen in Malaysia. I must admit though, Penis is always the perfect form of art that surely strikes the chord of creativity in every person, male and female. No one can deny Penis is the perfect gift from God to men. This, is truly an effective way to promote creativity. Sexually explicit materials know no challenge.

If only we find such beauty in the text books and lectures. GDU medicine students.


  1. wahahaha, i remember we always kacau sarah tat she kept staring tat the penis..LOL. Behold Ladies! this is the beauty of a PENIS!!!! haha

  2. yaloh,
    that is sarah's favourite spot in the university

  3. ur school is sexist, how come no naked female statute one!

  4. hey wuching,
    i agree with u on that. i shall complain on the seggestion box...

  5. somebody please circumcise the statue...hahaha....

  6. hey arth,
    why not someone please make the penis of the statue "erect" ?? wahhahaaaa

  7. although I take up medicine more than a decade ago, but I still love art, painting, calligraphy and photography :)

  8. hey chen,
    wow.. u love photography !! I am starting to pick that up now... learning in progress.. hehehee
    but i dun have a good camera though.. just a standard 4MP point and shoot.. with very basic functions and controls