Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Return

Jeng Jeng Jeng !!!

I have returned !!! After being away for so long (ok, few days is not counted as long lar) now I am finally back here, blogging and rocking and kickig with my very own, same old, brand new 9010 !!! It feels great having my laptop back, fresh and revived and alive !!!

My 9010 died on last Thursday, refused to boot up. I called the HP service center in Perth on Friday, and they asked me to bring it down to the center for a look through. I was busy the whole Friday, had morning lectures and whole afternoon occupied with project meetings and presentations which I could not afford to skip. So I brought my dead 9010 down to the service center yesterday morning, costing my absence for the morning lectures. Ouch....

The HP service center is located right in the middle of Perth City. It is directly opposite the Perth Convention Exhibition Center, and next to the Westralia Square. Pretty easy to find, and the service center being situated at the top floor, the 12th floor of the building is something for me to "wow" about. Now I feel like a hopeless guy leaving the jungle and try to live in the city...

I left my computer there, and just less than 24 hours, somewhere during lunch time today I was rung up in the middle of my afternoon lecture, and was told by the service center to pick up my repaired laptop !!! I was like....

WTF !!!! Is this for real???

In just less than 24 hours, they have fixed my baby, and it is now working again. As I looked through my schedule of the day, I told the person that I would come down some time later in the week, say Thursday or Friday, because I will be occupied with many things for today and tomorrow. After the lecture, I thought to myself, what the heck, why not just cut off the whole afternoon, and get my laptop back !!! I guess anyone would do that eh? I know I will die the next day without a laptop.

And here, finally, my precious baby breathing in front of me as I make my blog entry.

I gotta admit there is something incredibly amazing about how people and the system work here in Australia. Gosh, the HP here is superbly professional !!! I knew my friends had similar problem with their laptops and it took at least one week to be completely repaired and ready for collection back at the service centers in Malaysia. And yet I have many people recommending me to buy Dell or Acer because of their good after sales services. Tell you what, there is NO Dell service center in Perth, and the Acer service center is located in an address that none of the people I know have heard of. Yeah, speak of convenience and quality in customer satisfaction.

The whole repair costed AUD367, with the entire system board replaced AUD212 and pretty much the rest of the cost goes to worksmanship, including GST. Of course my pocket has a burned hole now, but for the speed and quality of service, I am satisfied generally. At least my laptop-less sufferring has ended !!!

Now, I can blog in peace, listen to my MP3 while I work, masturbate while watching porns and of course, blog at my own flexibility and freedom. I have a lot to catch up in the blogosphere, and sorry if I have not visited and commented the usual sites and blogs that I constantly visit. Will make some time to catch and patch up things as soon as I can.

So guys, watch out, for Robinwong.blogspot.com is back !!!


  1. AUD367?????!!!!!!!!!!!! *&&#&*$(%#^~!@!!!@&#*@($^#%*^&$&#((@ KNNCCB. wah lau, i can't afford to pay that man.

  2. wahahahaa.. but then something tells me it will be more than RM1000 if i do it in malaysia, and it will take more than one week if i do it in kuching. I have no choice, this is the time of my life that i will die without a laptop...

  3. did u know that the replacement board is possibly second hand & warranty on it will only be for 3 months? i used to deal with hp repair & know the inside stuff quite well! hehe

  4. I know that it is possible that they just fit in whatever board inside, and yeah, i do get 90 days warranty.
    as long as it works fine, and there is no difference in performance whatsoever, I am happy with it.

  5. Welcome back Robinwong.blogspot.com-who-just-got-his-laptop-back-for-a-freakin-AUD367!!

  6. Oh, Btw, Robin...For about AUD367(RM1000++) you spent on fixing that. You better hold on to that baby of yours a lil longer now. Forget about purchasing a new laptop soon enough...haha...make your money worth,dude.

    Unless u get lucky, a new laptop fall from the skies...hehe.

  7. arth,
    yes.. i really hope a laptop falls from the sky soon.. ahhahahahhaaa
    something tells me i will be using this laptop for quite a while

  8. definitely not the kind of service u get in malaysia.

  9. hey wuching,
    aiyaaa.. i am busy mah... and i do not catch snake like you always do !!!

  10. "what you don't know wouldnt hurt you!"

    enjoy having your baby back!

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