Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Of Skin Burning

I can feel my skin burning. Serious. No kidding. The summer sun is so cruel. I feel like a BBQ-ed meat walking around. Sometimes I wonder if it could get any worse than this. I feel like I am walking around a REAL desert.

Some guys could not take the heat anymore, and move around clothless. Well, I am just not ready to have "every" part of my body exposed and deeply roasted. Australian sun can be harmful you know. High UV radiation and all.

I just find it so irritatingly uncomfortable being under such heat. I sweat doing my school work, eating, walking around naked and even in sleep !! It makes me feel a little light-headed and drowsy too, and this does not help me in my rush for next to no time deadline queues.

Yet I still find myself playing tennis. Surprisingly 3 hours under the scorching sun did not leave me with a sun-burn. In contrast to Kuching (Malaysia) sun where I only played for less than 1 hour, and my skin turned red like crab. Weird. Lets hope I wont get skin cancer or anything. But one thing for sure, I am turning into charcoal real soon. All for the sake of tennis.

Maybe I need something like this to restore my white and youthful complexion. Boy, it feels so odd when people walk up to me and commented "Eh Robin !!! You become so Black !!"

A HELL of a summer, it is. I so miss winter very much now.

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  1. it would be even odd if you told all your girlfriends that Nivea body lotion is better than the usual cheap RM5 skin lotion. haha.

    hmm. i don't think any country can beat the ultimate Malaysian sun! summer 24-7 is boring. i even sweat in my sleep.

  2. hey cheng sim,
    its hotter here in aus !! but its only summer, will be better in autumn.. so looking forward to that...

    usual lotion no whitening effect mah !! I am so black.. ahhahahaa.. ok this sounds so wrong

  3. hey, oh kia! why u wanna be white, black is tougher than white mah!

  4. hey wuching,
    i look horrible with dark skin... trust me.. i was quite dark before when i used to play tennis every single day.

  5. come winter u're gonna miss summer's heat ... *sigh*

    fair or dark skin? what's the fuss? its only skin deep ... so i tell myself as i put on my full brim hat, long sleeve and slap on the sunblock! ;)

  6. Black is the new black! happy roasting urself

  7. hey fh2o,
    but sometimes, skin deep is good enough, no one wants to care whats inside nowadays.

    hey ivan,
    u are gonna be shocked when u see me man...

  8. the weather is hot in Msia as well.. I start sweating the moment I step out from my car :(

    cold weather is always better than hot weather :D

  9. hey chen,
    yeah, i supposed people would prefer cold weather over hot generally...
    but perth winter can be quite horrible as well... it went down to 0 degrees last year... brrrr...

  10. I care! *sigh*

    I adhor superficiality, absolutely!

  11. hey unka !!
    wahhh... unka really care whats inside the skin meh?? Amazing !!
    seldom find these good people nowadays. Once the ugly side of the surface shows, people just fail to see the beauty within. Skin has very high value these days.

  12. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?