Friday, March 24, 2006

Of Planes Crashing in Perth Sunset

I know I have been away for a couple of days, leaving this blog untouched. Since I got my laptop returned from repair, I had spent most of my time catching up the lost episode of pornornographic drama series rushing a design project which is due this afternoon, which I am required to produce a 100 page report for it. Much sleep was lost, meals skipped, and finally the project was completed, not to perfection, but I believe that it shall suffice the requirements and standards. Having done that, now I have some spare room to breathe for a while, not saying I have nothing left to do, (my final year thesis and usual school homework, assignment, bla bla bla) but I feel strongly there is a need to come back to my blog. I feel guilty being away for so long.

On weekends, I would usually go to the park, or down to the beach, and sometimes, just to the river nearby for a brief walk. Breathing some fresh air, looking at the blueness of the water, listening to the birds chirp (ok, I actually hate the bird screaming part, yeah, they scream, they do not chirp), feeling the rush of soft wind brushing your hair and face..... man, I am starting to think I am one with the earth. No, I am not that kind of a nature loving person, but what the Mathilda Bay in Perth can offer is truly something I need to tone down my stress level when it comes to the boiling point. This is definitely a good alternative to the Cottesloe Beach (click).

Birds of many kinds, sea gulls, crows, ducks, even black swans flock the Mathilda Bay everyday. People of many kinds, young, old, beautiful, ugly, sexy, fat... flock the place mainly on weekends. Party, picnic, or just plain walking around the bay is common among the people here. The water is shallow and clean enough for a swim, and kids love it. This is the happening spot in Perth, and not only the view is fantastic, but there are open spaces for soccer, clean tables and benches around, even BBQ pits with free gas and electricity provided. Such beautiful place for family outings.

For me, I chose a nice spot in the lawn, placed my heavy ass on it, and just tried to empty my mind if that is possible. And suddenly....

They are supermen... No !!!!
They are birds... No.. !!!
They are UFOs... No !!!

They are.. they are.. aeroplanes !!!!! YES !!

5 planes, God knows what type, flew pass the sky above us, and going on the direction to the city center. The planes flew in synchronised manner, and I thought they would actually started firing missiles or shooting laser beams towards the city. These thoughts came into my mind:

1) There is a giant monster in the city, and usually before Ultraman appears to viscously slaughter destroys the monster, there would be a special squad of air force to hold down the monster and minimize the damage.

2) Al-Qaeda has a new target, the humble city of Perth !!! The terrorist is upon us !!! Die !!

3) Ok... I cant think of anything else.....

As the planes approached the city sky, one of them flew out of the formation, and the other four basically flew out of the scene rightaway. The one "left behind" plane started to emit reddish brownish dusty looking smoke from its tail, polluting the air in the sky. Again, thoughts come into my mind:

1) The plane is gonna write something in the sky !! Maybe something like "Robin is handsome".

2) The plane is releasing some bio-chemical weapon !!! Maybe a type of lethal virus or something... once inhaled by human, will cause serious health hazard. Woo-hooo...

3) The plane is gonna crash !!! Maybe the engine is burning !!

4) The suicide bomber is getting ready for a target !!!

Apparently, nothing that interesting happened. The plane just flew pass the city, twice, leaving the trail of reddish smoke behind it. The buildings are still standing still. How dramatic can a sunset in Perth be, viewing from the river?


  1. another uwa student3/24/2006 06:00:00 PM

    It's Matilda Bay, not Mathilda Bay *wink* Hehe. Anyway, nice pics. And Matilda Bay is indeed a nice place. Enjoy ur time at uwa!

  2. Hey another UWA student,
    Oh My Gosh...... that is right !! Its Matilda Bay... ouch ouch... but i will just let the mistake stay there.. let it remind me that I should really look into the spelling of the names next time.

  3. robin is filled with crappy imaginations...haha!!
    Hey,wanna do the toilet meme i posted on my blog??hehe...

  4. You're so tagged now,dude!

  5. Perth's so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing her good looks with us! Have a nice weekend robin!

  6. Hey arth !!!
    You are so cruel.... ahhaahaa.. will do the toilet meme soon...

    hey FH20...
    yeah... hope u like the photos... too bad i dun have good camera, would have looked better..

  7. ur still like a kid playing with planes hor!

  8. hey wuching,
    yeah, some part of my childhood shall never die off...

  9. Wow.. Matilda Bay!!! I fell in love with it the first time i saw the photo, not in ur blog though ;p from other sites. Those yacthes really bring back some sweet memories for me.

    Hey, try to take night shoots of them, it's so so so nice...

  10. hey irene,
    yeah, the view there is breathtaking. my camera cannot take good night shots, limited to only 4 seconds long time shutter exposure. not enough to take a bright picture though. might need at least 8 seconds for night photography there.