Thursday, March 30, 2006

Of Penis Vs Equations

There is one thing in Engineering that scares the shit out of everyone: the complexity of the mathematical formulae. I do not know why, but most of the time, we miserable students would encounter incredibly long equations that may require more than the space across of the entire paper !! Not to mention this poor fellow writing this blog understands very little if nothing at all about those formulae and equations. Darn, Engineering sucks.

Can you imagine how many equations we need to remember for the examinations? Huh? Uncountable !!! Can you imagine how many brain cells are being burned in the process of memorizing the equations?? Uncountable !!!

My dear friend Kang Wei (click) suggested to me once, about the golden trick on memorizing the equations.

"If the length of the equation or formula is shorter than your penis, no need to memorize the equation. If your penis is shorter than the equation or formula, then you must memorize them."

and so I measured the length of all the equations with my penis Man. I am gonna have a lot of trouble. It appears that I do not have to memorize any of it at all !! Now should I really apply the rule?

If only all the examinations are open book... my life would be much easier. We engineering students would suffer permanent mental damage if we go on like this, memorizing all those screwed up equations blindly, unless of course, we inject a constant supply of "vitality booster" into our system. Go figure what the vitality booster actually is.

Those bottles of refreshingly revitalising juice, sent from heaven down for us, is crucial at times of maximum stress and frustration over work. They are the main reasons why most engineers are still alive. Now who says alcohol is bad for your health?

Side note: No I am not an alcoholic. I drink occasionally, heck, that is what Engineers do anyway.


  1. no need to memorise, ur penis so long kah?

  2. Hey wuching,
    you figured that right !!

  3. well, it's been a few years since i got out of engineering school. never memorize equations. understand them. of course... the beer helps. i see ur already half an engineer with the right attitude on beer. ;)

  4. hi to robin the cow ...
    long dick u did say right? ;)

  5. hey anonymous,
    well, it is one thing to understand the physical meaning and applications of the equations, but they are equivalent to nothing if you cant remember them during examinations !!!!

    hey fh20
    errrmmm... i take that as a compliment?

  6. Wah. I am only one week into this engineering thing and I hear horror stories of long equations (and SUPPOSEDLY long dickies) and dying brain cells. Some motivation there.

  7. Hey Aldrin,
    errrm... for every coin, there is two sides to it. Of course there are good things bout engineering... ahahhaaa... i dunno why but i think you will love engineering.

  8. Engineering....At least i know it bring in the money. well, that's when u start working.Like Me...hehe...hehe

    True, engineers can drink!!lols

  9. hey arth,
    money money !!! wonder when will that come in....

  10. *spits out drink on keyboard* Who came up with that dick formulae??? I'll never look at engineering students the same way again.

    Co'mon la... at least if you wanna bring in penis into the equation than write formulae on penis, can? Much more effective! :D Although don't write it's erect... you'll get the wrong formulae once it's soft. :)

    OK I'm talking rubbish so I'll stop now.

  11. ahhaha.. like that also can?
    wondering how long is your dick then :P

  12. hey luxferi,
    actually the person who came up with the method appears to be one of the top students in the class !! So it is worth giving it a try, no??

    hey chen,
    like that also CAN !! Never knew people are actually interested to know my dick's length.

  13. *snorts with laughter* So, in essence you're saying that the top-of-the-class guy who came up with this has short penis? Cos... you know, if the penis is shorter than the formulae...


  14. hey luxferi,
    there are some pretty long formulae out there.. really really long ones..

  15. heyz robin,

    try carlton cold. nicer..lolz

  16. We as engineering students shouldn't become is just sux for us...week 5 feels like a milestone of a year...& I don't wanna lose hair.....

  17. I'm an ex engineering student!! Whoo Hoo!!!! hehe.

  18. hey kahchuaz,
    hmmm... i really dun have much complains or preferences on beers...
    but i complain a lot on wines.

    hey kenjj,
    I know, one week feels like one month, and 5 weeks feels like a year !!! Time runs slower when we are literally tortured.

    hey chun chow,
    you escaped !!!! lucky fella...

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