Monday, March 27, 2006

Of Clocks Ticking Away

Before I came to Perth, I have always marvelled at the promotional photograph of the University of Western Australia. No, not because of the architectural appeal. No, not the historical attributes and breathtaking surrounding landscape. No, there are no hot chicks with big boobies on the promotional photos. It is actually the clock tower on the Winthrop Hall. Yes, the clock tower. Why on earth would anyone construct the main building, with a clock tower on it? Something rather rare in Malaysia.

When I was in Perth, I noticed that the University was not the only place with the clock prominently displayed on the main building. Clocks are everywhere !! As freaky as this sounds, you may not need to have a watch with you, in case you need to check the time, just walk around, you may bump into one of the many clocks situated all around the place !!

I personally think that this indicates how strongly the Australians feel about time, and its significance. Punctuality is undoubtedly a norm here, being late for anything is a big no-no. Unlike me, coming from Kuching, where lateness is a routine that if you ever make it early to any occasion, people will start to think you are from a distant planet called the Seventh Mile. Regardless of that, I have always made attempts to be early for most of the occasions, big and small. I said I made attempts. I did not say I succeeded. As it turned out unfortunately, I failed all the attempts thriumphantly, being a normal Malaysian, late for everything At least I try, ok?

This habit seems to drag on until present day. Lectures, parties, dinners, meetings, whatever, you name it, I am never early. I would not consider myself that bad, I may only be a little late, like 5 minutes maybe, but the point is, I am seldom punctual. Until today. Something terribly freaky happened. I felt the sky was gonna fall down....

I was the first on to arrive in the class before lecture !!! And I managed to snap the picture of the empty classroom as a proof. Freaky right? Apparently I was early, but not THAT early. Strangely everyone else was later than usual. Something was not right. Maybe the world is ending, I do not know.

What day is it,
and in what month,
this clock never seems so alive,
I can't keep up,
and I can't back down,
I've been losing so much time....

(You and Me - Lifehouse)

The words above strongly reflect what I feel now. How I wish time can be stretched to 36 hours a day. How I wish time can be reversed, so I could mend what I have broken.

I guess the above wishes are empty wishes. It just seems to me that time is never on my side, and it often runs out, and runs way faster when I need it the most. Oh please, do not start with the time management bullcrap, time management simply means prioritizing your work in acordance to urgency. Well, at the end of the day, you still have to complete all your work including computer games, watching pornography, msn chatting, internet surfing regardless the urgency. When you have so much to do, with so little time in hand, you just feel so helplessly hopeless, yet you still try to accomplish as much as you can. Life can never be any more cruel than this. Most people who have come across this situation barely survived, and a few actually crashed and burned miserably. I have seen quite a number of those unfortunate cases, and the sight was not pretty. They have come to a point to think that they belong to a distant planet called the Seventh Mile.

Whatever has happened, is considered the past, and whatever is gone, shall never be recovered. We are trained to look forward, and plan for the future. Yes, it may be unwise to dwell in the past, getting stuck in a moment, refusing to move on. It may also be fatal hanging on to the old guilt and pain.

I believe the past is the key to the future. We must not just let our lives slip by meaninglessly. To me, I stop myself from time to time, take a deep look into my life that passes by so quickly, and try to study it carefully. Many times, unexpected things reveal themselves, and those are the lessons in life that may very well save my huge heavy ass in the future. If we just walk on and on without reflecting on it, many details will be missed, and sadly forgotten.

Time is precious, time is running, and time is the limit. The question is, have you made the best out of your time? As for me, what the hell, I will be playing DOTA after this....


  1. your entire post about time and of time ticking away... gave me a kick in the butt. gaah. cramming sessions for 2 weeks straight! finals are looming and i am still lazing!

    gorgeous pics btw.

  2. hey chloe,
    wow, ur finals coming, all the best to you !!!
    Stop lazing around !! Make the full use of ur time !!
    ahhaaaa.. no worries.. im sure u will do fine...

  3. Nice meaningful post!
    Nice photos too.
    Thanx for sharing. :)

  4. The meaning of "time" for a uni student is very different to a mom. My time is not mine to handle. My 24hrs a day is segmented into things to do with people.

    The key is to "seize" each moment in time. A moment can be an hour, can be a minute or can even be an afternoon....with a good friend!

    I was considering posting a "toilet" comment in relations to toddlers...but decided not to. Your target market might not understand.

  5. what time is it, mr. tiger?

  6. hey amelia,
    thanks, glad you like it.

    hey chan gang,
    i guess time is entirely different for a mother, devoted full time to family and kids, not an easy task. but hey, i can tell so far you are doing a fantastic job for ya family !! Keep it up.
    Toilet comment on toddlers would be so cool, experience shared is always a bonus plus. why not?

    hey wuching,
    what time it is you asked? I say, it is time to eat you, wuching.

  7. This is a close to serious writing coming from you,dude. I'm always late for work by the way.Because nobody gives a damn if i do come to work too early anyway....hehe
    So i prefer all the attentions. Especially when the boss goes, "why are you late
    ??Do you know what time it is??Do you have any freaking idea how much company times you're wasting in a month??!!"
    Yeah, haha!! I kinda like that! I may be late but doesn't mean i dont do a good job right??

  8. hey arth,
    that is so true, what if we are late, the important thing is the quality of the work !!!

  9. Nice photos!

    Play your late-for-class cards right and you'll soon be the most well-known guy in the whole university!

  10. hey aldrin,
    thanks. yeah, i guess being late is a good way to be popular eh??

  11. aiyo! HaySt Mall! I miss Perth so much! Must go back there again some day. Meanwhile, keep posting pics of Perth, Robin! Don't suppose you could take a pic of the GPO? Used to hang out there waiting for my friends. Rindu nya...