Monday, March 13, 2006

Of carrots and bricks

One fine day not too long ago, one of my dear friends visited me. As she stepped into my housemate's room, she stumbled upon this mysterious item on the floor. Puzzled by it, she held it up, and stared at it blankly for a few seconds. And out of a sudden she blurted out in pure wicked laughter.

"What on earth is a "carrot" doing in your room ???" Snapped her as she continued laughing hysterically...

I exchanged looks with my housemate. We started laughing ourselves, not at the "carrot" but at our friend for being over-ly imaginative. Sheeeessssshh..

You see, my housemate took up a research that requires him to do some interesting tests on the construction bricks. The samples he prepared would require him to turn a block hard made ready bricks into cylindrical shaped units. bla bla bla.. ok this is getting too technical... Obviously, my housemate stole took one of those samples back home, and proudly displaying his work in his room. Everything was well, until someone as clever as our friend who visited us to think of it as this....

Well, you gotta admit, there is resemblance after all. The color, texture, and of course, the irregular shape itself.

But, most importantly, please refer back to the question earlier. What on earth is a carrot doing in the room ?? I could think of several possibilities.

Why not this....

Eating carrots is a healthy habit !!! Serious !! It is as good as apples. Of course, along with the joy and ecstacy of stuffing "something long, hard and sweet" into your mouth. Will this look half as wrong if I was a girl?

What a disturbing thought.


  1. Erm .... hmmmmm .... ahem ahem ... lost for words ... :)

  2. hey wuching and sbanboy,
    hahhaahhaaa.. i get it i get it... i overdid it...

  3. OMG! wat happened to u man? i tot u were straight!

  4. hey ivan,
    hahahaha... i knew you have something to say about this !!!
    i was eatin carrot wad....

  5. ahh!!! the disturbing image!! get out from my head!!!

  6. hey chun chow,
    that image will haunt you for the rest of your life

  7. Seriously, dude.......That's one sick thought there...Eeeewwwwwwwwww!!! Lolz

  8. hey arth,
    wahahhaaa... yeah, its normal to think that way !! my point clearly made here..
    a carrot in a bedroom... fascinating yet troubling thought

  9. hey cynthia...
    u dun like carrots meh?? healthy worrr..

  10. besides all those mentioned stuffs..
    carrot can be used to throw at people (whom u dislikes) or can be used to knock people's head.. kekeke...

    see? carrot is multi purpose :D

  11. hey chen,
    i just could not agree more on you with that !!! Carrot is such a useful thing !!