Saturday, March 04, 2006

More than just Bubble Tea

Though I am in the land down under, some Asian cultures have been made unexpectedly popular. Bubble Tea is one of them. Even the locals simply love the bubble tea. In the China Town alone, you can spot no less than 5 bubble tea shops alocated not too far from each other. The one I frequently visit is none other than Utopia. That place serves more than just bubble tea.

The interior decoration makes the whole place looks really cozy and comfortable. Once I glued my heavy ass into one of the seats, I just felt reluctant to move it up again. The seats are just simply comfy and trust me, it has some kind of magnet that holds down my heavy ass from getting up.

They provide self-service audio entertainment. Bring your own CDs, be your own DJ and play your own selection of numbers to suit your music taste to the environment. And the best of all, its sony sucks a PHILIPS !!! My favourite electronic brand.

This place is definitely designed to keep you long. They have magazines, comic books and even playing cards just for you to lepak there all you want do something enjoyable while sipping their lavishly prepared bubble tea away.

And of course, drinking bubble tea with the right kind of people, in the right kind place, it can never get any better than this. Simply remarkable.

For those of you who do not know me, I am at the centre, wearing green shirt.

After a looong week that felt like a month for me in university, this is truly what I need to relax and unwind a little. Utopia not only serves near-perfect bubble tea also the most expensive they provide you with the perfect atmosphere and uniquely equipped with all sorts of little little stuff to occupy your time there. It is just the ideal place to hang out on Friday and Saturday nights for those who have all the time in the world to kill. Moreover, bubble tea is just not something that can be found in Kuching in the middle of the night.

This was a GOOD Friday night. I had such a great time there, and not regretting though KK's in Broadway was having Coldplay, Madonna and ACDC to come and perform live there !!!

Who would actually believe that anyway? Weird. Every Friday some more !! Ridiculous.

Bubble Tea, anyone?


  1. wow. SO cosy!
    wish im in Aus. too bad.
    why no close up on the drinks you guys had?

  2. hey cheng sim,
    i know i know... too thristy until i forgot to photograph the drinks. but can see from the group photo lar...

  3. i love bubble tea,especially green apple frappucino flavor with pearl!! I drink that almost everyday!! Call me an addict...

  4. hey arth !!
    Bubble tea !! My favourite is honey milk tea !!! Cant get enough of it.. gosh...
    but then the honey milk tea here is very very diferent from the ones i tasted in malaysia...
    here they use REAL honey.. not just any cheap flavouring.

  5. Looks like your Blogg is somewhat turning into a "touristy" thing for Perth. For once, we are actually considering Perth as a destination to visit (apart from the zillions o Kuching friends we know). Good job!
    Yes, do find it quite weird that bubble tea is sooo popular here in Aust1 All we need is a person with lots of hot air to blow bubbles into the "teh-see-peng". All overated I must say but yummy! My 5yo loves bubble tea too on the odd ocaasion (don't tell anyone I feed her with tea!!)

  6. hey chan gang,
    wow, your kid loves bubble tea !! such a young age to have passion for such interesting drink, hehehe...
    i am not promoting perth or anything, just state down and share with the world what I see wih my eyes and my opinions on them. heehehee...

    hey wuching,
    why you dislike bubble tea?? so many flavours leh.. maybe you have not found one you like... keep trying out the different types..

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  8. The vegetarian food there isn't bad too. I'm not too keen on bubble tea, but I love that place for the karaoke.

  9. i have never tried the food there. but the bubble tea is awesome !!
    the karaoke was good, but i am not a karaoke kind of person.. wahhahaa.. well, i just cant sing... crows sound better than me

  10. i love honeydew milk tea...

    most of the bubble tea shops in US are made very cosy too....most of them opened by vietnameses....

  11. hey chin kian,
    wow.. vietnamese bubble tea.. sounds unusual and interesting !!!
    I love honeydew milk tea too !!!

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