Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Toh

I have just got tagged by Arth on the toilet meme. Man... I have never thought I would have to put up something so awfully unhygienic on my blog before. I guess I just have to squeeze the sporty part of me out for the meme. For now, I have more important event to blog about, a good friend's birthday dinner. I shall come back to that toilet meme soon.

On 21st March, last Tuesday, when everyone was busy with whatever stuff they were busy with, suddenly my housemate Thiam has nothing better to do and killed his time on friendster. He noticed his birthday reminder flashing on Toh, which was on that very day !!! How on earth could everyone else missed out his important day, was still a mystery. I personally felt awful for not anticipating the birthday in advance, but hey, after Thiam saw the friendster reminder, we pretty much gathered everyone together, and off we planned a dinner at the usual place in Northbridge.

This time, we tried a quite unusual place. This restaurant has just been recently opened, and the owner of the place is, Jeng Jeng Jeng...... a Sarawakian. You can tell by the items in the menu which are strictly Sarawakian delicacies. It is very very interesting to find Kolok Mee, Nasi Goreng, and OMFG.... Teh C Peng in Perth !! However, the pricing on the menu did not help my ever-expanding appetite at all, who on Earth would want to have a AUD7.50 kolok mee, where we can get pure authentic beautiful Kolok Mee back in Kuching for only RM2.50? And who would go for AUD3.00 Teh C Peng?? Well, of course me lah.. who else, just for the fun of it, the first and probably the last time, why not give it a try?

And here comes the Teh C Peng, looks pretty much like it, but tastes NOTHING like it. Horrible to say the least. Should have known better.

Ok, lets go to the appetite satisfying part. We ordered 5 dishes, to go along with rice. Please note that, we ordered only FIVE dishes. And the following pictures are taken right before the food was attacked by 8 viscously hunger striken vultures. I guess everyone was pretty annoyed by me taking the pictures of the food, while they all cant wait to have a piece of it. Patience my friends, for a moment there, the food was immortalised in the pictures below.

Sizzling Tofu in VERY thick Soya Sauce

Sweet and Sour Fish Cutlets

Stir Fry Kankung with Sambal

Pork Ribs in God Knows what weird sour sauce.

Diced chicken in VERY thick Soya sauce

Fried Diced Chicken, in a little bit of Soya sauce.

Sweet and Sour Fish.

Well, putting the fact that the food did look good, and tasted considerably well ignoring the gigantic amount of MSG and soya sauce used, something peculiar happened. We ordered only 5 dishes, but go back up and count the plates of different dishes. Came SEVEN dishes !!! The extra dishes were the Sweet and Sour fish cutlets and the Chicken in very THICK soya sauce. We were completely clueless on what really happened, but when we asked the waitress there, she said, they made a mistake, and we could have those extra dishes FOR FREE !!!! Now we know that the restaurant is new and all, but hey, when there is something Sarawakian in us, we always welcome whatever that is free. What a perfect timing. Things could not have gone any better than this.

From L-R: Alvin, David, Toh the Birthday Boy and Wei Thien.

From L-R, Kang Wei, Gan, Jonathan and Me me me me...

Here are more pictures of Toh, the talk cock king birthday boy.

Toh, may your wishes and dreams come true in your life, and I sincerely hope that you will be filled with joy and contentment in years to come. You have always been a great friend, tremendously enjoyed your talk cock sessions great working together with you and I just wish that I can return the favours that you have done for me.

Happy Belated Birthday Toh !!!


  1. Oh....another b'day??
    Man,there are sure a lot of people born on this month dontchu tink?
    I just attended few b'day parties days ago and yesterday and today is my best fren b'day.Oh,man....and the bday parties are all involving alcohol.

    I can feel my lungs begining to quit on me already.

  2. hey arth,
    yeah, it wont be a party is there is no alcohol !! too bad we engineering students suffer like hell, no time for such parties... not now...

    hey wushing,
    we must makan everyday, if not we can die !!

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