Monday, March 06, 2006


Last night, after having a scrumtious meal at one of the Chinese Restaurants in Northbridge with my housemates, we decided to chill out at one of the cool places in Northbridge, the China Town of Perth. We strolled along James Street, and we come to this wonderful place...

SSSYYYOOOOOOOKKK !!! Only 2bucks for live shows Err... actually look at the sign BEHIND the sign you are staring at now, it is actually...

Gelato !!! I am not that "ham sap" lar.... aiyooo.. do not look at me that way. Robin is a sweet innocent young boy ok??

Remember my Penis-like ice cream (click) post not too long ago at Gelares ? Honestly between these ice-cream cafes, I distinctively prefer Gelato over Gelare. Gelare has its uniqueness and all, the penis shaped cone ice-cream scoops are simply authentically mind blowing, but the taste and texture of the ice creams just lack the "ooommmph" you find in Gelato.

Not to mention it is HOT HOT HOT summer now, ice-cream for desert after a heavy sweaty dinner seem rather tempting. I love the interior of the Gelato in Northbridge. The lighting yields the combination of so many unatural colours, creating such indescribable tone to the surrounding. Of course, the blue lighting dominates, and that provides a chilling effect, bringing out the cold icy feeling of the ice-creams served there.

Gelato claims that the ice-creams sold in the shop is freshly made everyday, and from the original ingredients without artificial additives found in common ice creams sold in the supermarkets. There is a wide variety of flavours available, ranging from my all time favourite chocolate and cappucino to natural fruit based flavours like mango and strawberry sorbets. Take a guess what flavour I picked last night.

Oh Chun Chow, you can eat your heart out.

Of course I went for Ferrero !!! Interestingly this flavour of ice cream is made from the REAL Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, yeah the super-expensive and undeniably delicious chocolate of all time. I could even find the traces of the crushed nuts and bits and pieces of the original Ferrero !!! It is of course, YUUUMMMMYYYY.. !!!!!!

With such HOT HOT HOT weather in Australia now, I am forseeing more frequent visits to Gelato or Gelares.

Side note: Some photos are taken from, for the purpose of displaying Ferrero Rocher, which unfortunately there is no way a poor-financially broken boy like me will be able to afford.


  1. omg. the ice creams look SO SO SO yummy! ugh. i don't really like ferrero rocher! cadbury milk is 10 times better. so does, Kit Kat... Time Out...etc..

  2. hey cheng sim,
    how can you not like ferrero rocher ??!!! Chun chow, say something !!!
    Yeah, I would go for cadbury. so much cheaper !!! wahhahaaaa...
    anyway, they do have double boost chocolate ice cream !!! Syiook i tell you...

  3. It is quite hot there,aye??
    My cousin who is also studying there kept whining that he felt like walking around without his clothes on.

  4. hey arth,
    the average temperature is like above 35 degrees...
    sometimes it goes over 40 degress... its like HELL i tell you...
    and i still play tennis under the HOT HOT sun.. so imagine me turning into charcoal soon...

  5. the ice cream sure is delicious.. my sis and cousin always told me that gelato or gelate' is nice..

  6. hey alicia,
    the ice cream is SUPER delicious, especially now in summer !!! It is selling like hot cakes !!

  7. I am definitely melting here.
    *turns to CC operator, "hey! turn on the aircond would ya??!"

    i so need an ice cream. =(

  8. hey chloe,
    go get yourself an ice cream !!!! or some cold drink...

  9. hey wuching,
    I knew u are gonna say that !! hmmmphh...

  10. gyahhhH!!!!!!!!!robin i hate you!!!!!!!!! tat's my favorite ice cream in gelato!!!! ferrero!!!! nooooOOOOO!!!!!! only me can eat me me MEEE!!!

  11. hey chun chow..

  12. Hmmmm it would have been a more interesting post if only u'd blog the other place ... ;)

  13. eating ice cream in summer or hot weather no doubt is nice, but I tried eating ice cream in winter as well.. ;)

  14. hey chen,
    we sometimes eat ice cream in winter also.. but not as syok as having them in summer !!!

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