Friday, March 31, 2006

Fast Eddys

There are only a few places that open up 24 hours around the clock for drinks and chills, one of the favourites is Fast Eddys. There are several Fast Eddys around Perth, and the gang of friends and I went there for a drink after a night spent at the South Perth OCF public meet.

I have been here before, and the last time I was here we settled at the other side of Fast Eddys, which is the take-away section. We didnt know back then there is this dine-in section, better-decorated and supposingly having better services. The place serves a wide range of food and drinks, burgers, pancakes, fish and chips: wines, beverages, beer, and liquor as well. Of course, the price is undoubtedly hiked from the ordinary range, but still reasonable for such place.

So this time we went to the dine-in place, and to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed the feel of the entire designed interior. The decorations were simply random and interesting, and every corner you turn to there is something new to expect. May it be a picture, or a poster, or a display item. Everything is just so unexpectedly sophisticated, and each and everyone of them is unique in its own way. They have items like bicycle and weird machines hanging on the ceiling as well. Too bad I could not take pictures of them because people were sitting right benneath the hanging items, and I was one hell of a weird photographer shooting everything I saw there. Luckily the waitors and waitresses were too busy with their work to bother about me. I tell you, the place runs like a bee hive.

Ok, I seriously do not know what some of those framed pictures mean. Maybe they do not mean anything at all, maybe they were results from some completely randomised artistic work. I do not know, but hey, I just could not find connections to the Fast Eddy or whatsoever. Weird some may say, but I say COOL stuff there.

I ordered my favourite of all, at anytime, anyplace, Iced Chocolate with Ice-cream and cream. Yuuummmmmyyy....

And guess what Jonathan and Jae-Ann had, pancakes !!! Served with syrup and cream.

Everything looks good, until they decided to earn extra creativity points and mixed everything on the pancakes, turning something so beautiful in the beginning to complete ugliness.

Me, Pam and Andrea

And of course, showing such good time we had, Jae Ann, Jonathan and me me meeeee....

Just before we left the place, I noticed an old traditional cashier machine !!! I wonder if it still works. This is a pure antique, being abandoned in my era, replaced by electronic machines. I was so eager to try it on, and wanting so desperately to hear the sound "KA-CHING KA-CHING"......

Ok, that shall be in my fantasies only...

I had a great time, though the iced-chocolate was not that great. I need to get out, I need to get free, from the treacherous world of engineering. In this time and in this place, I forget about engineering life. Reality bites, we run from it sometimes.

Yeah, iced chocolate is a less harmful alternative to beer. No?


  1. gosh! can't remember the last time i went there!

  2. man, why iced-chocolate?
    you should have indulge on a beer lah, my friend. hahaha. unless you don't drink alcoholic beverages?

  3. hey wuching,
    of course there are better places than fast eddys, ahahhaaa...

    hey cheng sim,
    well, its weird to drink alcohol in front of people who do not drink mah..

  4. why would anyone choose beer over iced chocolate?? lol. the child at heart speaks.

    wahsai. the cashier machine looks like it would leave a coat of rust on the fingers of anyone who touches it.

  5. I like the decor... and oh God... chocolate? Damn it! Now you'd ruined my good day! *LOL* jk. Is Fast Eddys available in other cities like Sydney as well? Thinking of visiting this year.

  6. hey chloe.
    yeah, the sweetness of chocolate overtakes the bitterness of beer.

    hey luxferi,
    if you go to sydney, im sure the cafes and similar places there are MUCH better than the ones u find in perth like fast eddys.

  7. Looking forward to that then. ;)

  8. i don't care I take both (but not at the same time!) - beer n iced chocolate I mean ...

  9. hey fh20,
    yeah !! I would take both too !! But sweetness prevails in the end for me.. ahahaa

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