Friday, March 10, 2006


I believe sight is the most rewarding and significant sense of all senses. There are just so many things to see and explore in this world, and knowing that the best is yet to come, eyesight is an important human sense to take care of. watching porn is the most rewarding one No matter how elaborately and accurately you describe the beauty of something to another person, he will not truly understand and appreciate the real beauty until he actually sees that something. Seeing is believing.

Unfortunately, like many people in the world, I have terrible eyesight. When I was 12 years of age, I already wore a thick pair of glasses. Believe me, I seldom watched TV, I hated reading back then, and no no no, computer was not made available to homes yet during that era. No computer games, no video games, little cartoons, thats all, and my eyesight deteriorated incredibly. Well, at least I am not blind, and be able to see through my thick glasses. Maybe it is in my genes. My mum and dad wear heavy glasses too.

I just do not know why, but my particular interest in the abilities and special powers of fictional superheroes would have something to do with their eyes. I simply adore Superman's heat vision and X-ray vision. You can think of the advantages of having X-ray vision, seeing through things would most definitely prove sexually satisfying helpful in so many ways.

With x-Ray vision:

You can see how much money the person has, so you wont waste your effort and time robbing for nothing.

You can tell if the boobies are real or full of silicon.

You can find out what weapon the person hides underneath the heavy clothings.

You can watch live sex, anywhere, anytime.

You can make sure that the girl does not have a penis, or a fake vagina.

You can see what your room mate is doing next door.

You can spy on the girls locker room, classic.

You will know if she shaves...

Ok ok, that went a stretch too far... but who would not want an X-Ray vision eh? Considering all that...

My most favourite hero with super-eyes abilities would be the optic blast from Cyclops (click) in X-men. Be it the cartoon character, or the movie star acted by James Marsden, I LOVE LOVE LOVE his optic blast of pure concentrated solar energy beam !! Call me childish for loving such fictional character at my age, but hey, everyone has their fantasy, and mine is considered so much less kinky than many normal guys ok? For those of you who do not know what X-Men and who Cyclops are, please click this link.

Cyclops is so cool. Screw Wolverine who only knows how to sniff, shout and claw his way around in his yellow spandex. Cyclops is a ranged type of hero, throwing beams from safe distance, just my type of playing style in DOTA. Ok, lets not go DOTA... at full power, it was claimed that Cyclop's blast can actually pierce through mountains !! Naturally, Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men, and people like Wolverine are just too senseless to be a leader. I admit, I hate Wolverine. Bones crafted with undestructible steel. How stupid is that idea. Anyway, just my thoughts. Feel free to disagree with me.

And not to mention Scott Summers (acted by James Marsden) is so cute and handsome !! Sexy tight leather suits ala matrix... and his ruby quartz visor is ultra-coool.... oh dear, this sounds very wrong, very very wrong....

And lately, at Centro Galleria in Perth, I saw this:

Boy, they can help with ALL aspects of my eyes. I want X-Ray Vision !!!! And certainly, I want to be Cyclops !!!

There is hope. One day, maybe I can do this....

Man, I am so looking forward to X-Men 3: The Last Stand (click). Can't wait.. just can't wait...


  1. hey wuching,
    wow, u are evil !!

  2. lol, the advert is really ambitious. maybe you should go give them a challenge!

  3. hey chloe,
    yeah, maybe i should give them the challenge... wahhahaa

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