Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And then there were two

I have been using my old HP-Compaq 9010 laptop computer for almost two years now, and I gotta admit I am getting sick of it. It is an April 2003 model, and it has been faithful and served me well till this very day.

Well, I never complained about anything, though I must acknowledge:

The slow graphics performance (DOOM 3 cant even run properly after installation),

The bulky size thick like a dictionary,

The heavy weight, over 4Kg together with the power chords and other accessories.

This little baby runs on Pentium IV, 2.8G, and pretty much everything eles is the minimum standard of today's computer requirements and stats. Well, looking at the same thing and working on it day by day after so long will get one bored of it, will it not?

And then something interesting happened one day... after watching endless porns and illegally downloading countless mp3s and movies something interesting happened, my 9010 subdivided itself.....

And then there were two !!!

Electro-nano-mitosis !!! Jeng Jeng Jeng !!

Ok that was utterly lame, my friend brought over his laptop to connect to our broadband for free games download of 1.5G in size. So he had to leave his laptop at my place overnight to completely download the file of such gigantic size. With his laptop, similar model of mine sitting next to my 9010, suddenly my 9010 came to life again !! It felt half as boring as it was, really.... two laptops working side by side... it shows something in me that has been depleting away for quite some time.

You see, there has been a little of history dating back to college days. It all started from Frederick and Igno who first bought 9010, and soon after that successfully influenced the rest of the gang, including me, Khee Hwa, Chun Chow, and Shoo Herng to purchase the same model, 9010. Alright, we all may be good friends, we may have lots of things in common, we may even come to the point of using the same laptops, but no we have not shared underwears yet but we are all apart from each other now. Far apart. Chun Chow in KL, Frederick in Malacca, Shoo Herng in Leeds, UK, Khee Hwa in Tasmania while me, pathetic me in Perth, Australia. I guess looking at another similar laptop lying next to mine strongly reminds me of what good friends I have back then. Those good times that I had.

Ok, its not like we are all that perfectly happy by the choice of the laptop, undoubtedly at the same price there were better laptops out there back then, but hey, it is just a common thought that, everytime I use my laptop, I know that my good friends, no matter how far they are from me, are also using the same laptop as me !!! This may seem childish, but I find it rather adorable and cute in a way or two. I find myself very attached to this 9010, and I am freaking damned sure that all those friends using it would feel the same too !!!

Try to imagine if one day, me and all my other friends come together with our 9010s, and sit together, proudly displaying out obsolete laptops in a row of 6 identical units !!! I think that would be pretty awesome indeed.

Until I earn enough cash to get a more superior computer, or until the day my laptop is bored of me and decided its time to leave me, until then, until then...

I shall stay faithful to my 9010.


  1. ppl say if it ain't broke don't fix it so be happy with what u got, i have to keep using my p3 800 desktop so ur lucky u got a p4! but if u really don't want it, then donate it to me! :)

  2. ugh. u shld appreciate what u have, my friend. i mean, im sick of using the PC and im waiting till i got to Uni to own my VERY OWN laptop. sigh. time goes by so slowly for those who wait.

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  5. OMG...Your Electro-nano-mitosis must have also diffused to Singapore.. my old lady computer looks exactly like yours!!

  6. aiyo! u kena spammed again!

  7. hey wuching,
    ahhahaa.. i am happy with what I have.. well.. as a normal human, I would definitely want MORE !!!
    and screw the spammers

    Hey Cheng Sim,
    You will have your laptop soon.. pretty soon.. and u will love it more than ur pc...

    hey another robin,
    wahahaa.. i guess my laptop is quite common eh??/

  8. 9010 graphic card sux!!!! muahahahaha. u should know that quite well.havin own laptop is cool, but not till u c wat kind of laptop lkw students use. 9010 beaten flat! haha. really rare to c someone wif the same model as

  9. hey chun chow
    funnily we all use same model... but the cant compare now mah.. last time our laptops not bad liaw... if want better one have to be even more expensive...
    things change

  10. Old flame die the hardest??.....hehe.... I got an old PC using Win98se since early 2001 at home and it still serves me well till today.Okay la...I did upgrade some of the hardware but it's still fine...Old school stuff.

  11. hey arth,
    yeah... when we are with something for so long, it just kinda like one part of us already....

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