Friday, March 17, 2006

And My 9010 Died

Few days ago I posted how much attached I was to my 9010. The day after that, it decided to give up one me. Maybe it was something I said in the blog that upsets my laptop, maybe it was the way I play too much DOTA with it, or maybe it just could not stand such high volume of pornographic materials. I dont know. Sadness as I speak, mt 9010 refuses to start up since yesterday morning.

It happened on Thursday morning, which was yesterday, and I left it there by itself, in hope that it will "self-heal" and come back to life again.

It did not, and it is still not starting up.

The timing could not get any better than this. On Wednesday, I was given a last minute task to do some graphics design, and I did part of it on the day itself. Halfway through the work, and my computer could not start up at all the morning after, which is yesterday. STTTRREEESSSSSS !!!!!! I am not a graphic designer, God knows how much time it took me to design just one page of A4 material. And it was all gone !!! Aaaarrrrghhhh.... I feel so horrible right now.

However, on Wednesday night, I have sent a copy of my draft to Chun Chow (click) to ask for his comments, since he is studying graphics design. God Bless your soul Chun Chow, and there and then I got my draft back, and needless for me to begin from sratch !!! And the task is due today, Friday afternoon. I had to borrow my housemate's computer to continue on with my design.

I hate being computer-less. I cant MSN. I cant watch porn I cant listen to my mp3s. I cant watch dramas and movies. I cant do my work. Worst of all, my final year project relies strongly on internet connection, where I get my resources and establish contacts with people from everywhere. I feel so very pathetic right now. I feel powerless. Heck, I cant even blog properly !!! I am not using a computer of my own, of course I would not stick to it and upload and edit photos as much as I want. I just.... need my own computer. I felt a huge void in me without it.

I can complain on and on about this, but hey, all I can do now is to minimize the damage and find the alternative solutions to whatever problems I have. I have called up HP service support in Perth, and after waiting indefinitely for over 20 minutes with the prefixed recorded voice repeating for God knows how many times every 30 seconds or so saying "Thank you for holding up, you call is progressing in the queue, and it will be answered as soon as possible", I can seriously become insane. I was directed to the service centre, somewhere in Perth. I planned to go there now, but I will be having several project meetings soon after this. How I wish I could just cancel the meeting and spend the time I have left for this afternoon to rescue my laptop. By then, my colleagues will come to me with shotguns and parangs for not being there for them. Ok, I shall go to the meeting soon.

Since I am not having my laptop for now, and my life is so so so so so very very very very busy with school work and underground activities I shall take a rest from blogging. I just have so much to say and blog about, but without my own computer and limited time I have, I should take a pause and step into more important areas of my life now. I hate living my life this way. Maybe this is what engineering is supposed to be, I am not sure, but what I am sure of now is I hate every single bit of it.

Hope my laptop will breathe again. and hopefully all the priceless porn collection is still in there Suffocating now, but hope to clear a few things off and free for myself to breathe open air again.

Fear not, for Robin will be back.

Side note: Happy Birthday Mervyn !!! Though we may not have seen each other for such long time (errr... 2-3 years?? or more?) I continue to pray that God be with you always, and stay cheerful and be happy always !!


  1. !!!! wuching !!!
    whahahaa... but then, it served me well for 2 years.... problem free.. and stable performance...
    could not ask for more from my baby

  2. lol, it sounds like your life partner died kinda thing.

  3. sad sad...hopefully it will resurect back to life

  4. really died ar???? wah.. wonder when will tat happen to my hp. better not man.. it's my oni entertainment for now.. haha

  5. hey wuching,
    im still not sure what really happened, have to bring to the service center then they will see... hopefully its just a minor problem...

    hey chloe
    my 9010 is my life partner !!!!

    hey ivan,
    I have been waiting for 3 days now.. my laptop still sleeping...

    hey chun chow,
    soon baby... its going to happen to yours soon...

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