Friday, February 17, 2006

Water Chestnut Desert

In the late afternoon, my cell phone which has been rather inactive (no ringing, no sms, no nothing) since I came back to Perth, suddenly rang. It was Sarah, a friend from uni and she asked me over to her place.

Sarah: Robin, today I will be making something special, you will sure like one. Come over my house now...
Robin: Huh? What can be so special?
Sarah: My special water chestnut desert lar... Can you come around 5-6pm ??
Robin: Huh?? Sure but that is dinner time, what are you having for dinner?
Sarah: I am going out for dinner, after having the desert.
Robin: But, I thought we eat deserts AFTER dinner... right?
Sarah: No no no, I eat deserts sometimes BEFORE dinner.. something like appetizer mar...
Robin: !!!!!!!!

Probably she has had few scoops of ice creams to heat up her appetite before her main servings for her dinners. How "appropriate".

Anyway, I moved my huge ass and walked 20 minutes (her house is not that near mind you) over to Sarah's place, and when I reached there she was already halfway making her water chestnut desert.

Robin: Sarah, do you need any help with the... whatever.. err..
Sarah: No, I am fine, but thanks. Make yourself at home

Robin: Phhhheeeeeeeewwwwwpphhhh...

And I sat my butt on the sofa, waiting patiently for the acclaimed "special" desert to be served. What a gentleman I am, truly.

Apparently this desert needs more work that anyone who doesnt really know about it would think. First, the water chestnuts have to be cut into smaller pieces, normally cubes, then mixed with tapioca flour and food colouring. Then, the mixture is boiled until.. well... they turn into jelly like... and the "cooked" water chestnut is served with coconut milk and sweetened water (preferably with pandan leaves)

Fresh water chestnut. Yummy....

Water chestnut chopped, mixed with tapioca flour and food coloring. Usually people "dice" the water chestnut, but well, due to laziness and clumsiness in chopping time restraint Sarah just sliced the water chestnut into various sizes and shapes known to men on earth.

Sarah boiling the mixture.

The "boiled" water chestnut. Ready to be served.

Lovely Sarah preparing a scrumptious desert. A lady's touch is always something welcomed in preparing food.

And voila !!! The water chestnut desert, served with coconut milk and sweetened water and ice of course. Sweet desert is best served cold.

As scary as the whole thing looks, I gotta admit, the desert tasted heavenly !! Good work on such delicious desert, though, I kinda felt weird eating desert right before dinner. The water chestnuts were crunchy, and the coconut just blended in the taste pretty well. I had at least 3-4 servings of the waterchestnut myself. I always love sweet food. Sweet desert like this one just made my day !!

Thanks Sarah !!


  1. the dessert looks delicious, i bet u couldn't eat ur dinner after that!

  2. How I wish I could have sarah as my beloved wife. The dessert looks nice!

  3. hey wuching,
    yup, had a light dinner after that, but it was all worth it.

    hey one3hill,
    too bad sarah is taken !!!! the desert not only looked nice, it tasted really great.

  4. where's my water chestnut, sarah?? dammit...haha

  5. she has made it last time when we were in the hall right??
    or did i remember wrongly??

  6. this one red red wan leh... different.. haha

  7. she just added food coloring mah... sure kenak cancer liaw... she added so much

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