Sunday, February 12, 2006

See something, Say something

There are some things in Perth that have clearly been overdone. I simply believe that the overly-strict and squeeky tight controls and regulations over terrorism possibilities are ridiculuously annoying. I remembered last year on my flight back to Kuching, the custom officers snatched my silverwares away from my hand carry luggage, which I find rather amusing while in the flight the MAS attendents served us food with utensils made of steel.

If I am planning on some sort of attack using the silverware, why not I just use the one provided?? What difference does it make?

Since the Train station bombing incident that killed many happened not too long ago in London, being super kiasi (fear of death) new signs have been placed all over the Perth Central Train Station. Some I find rather interesting.

When you see something, say something. I saw many things today, and certainly, I said many things.

I SAW: a faulted ATM machine in the Perth City Centre.

And I SAID: What the F**K!!!! How can this happened?? F**K Wespac, because of that faulty machine I had to walk 15 minutes to the next ATM machine.

I SAW: an ASS-shaped chair at the Fast Eddy's Restaurant. No kidding.

And I SAID: COOL !!! But my ASS not that BIG leh, and the potruding steel thingy at the front-middle of the chair pokes my balls real HARD !!! OUCH !!

I SAW: a group of people singing praises to God and spread Gospel to the public in the middle of the walking street.

And I SAID: Amen !! Hallelujah !!! Peace be with you !!! Whatever!! Come on lar, do you seriously think that people passing by would care and actually listen to what some fanatically looking Christians have to preach under the hot sun, in the middle of nowhere? I respect the devotion and sacrifice, but I find this practise pointless.

I SAW: paw paw at the market.

And I SAID: Aiyaaa.. thats papaya lah... PA-PA-YA !!! Got it??

I SAW: a street sign named KANIMBLA Road.

And I SAID: What the heck is that name??? Why not KA-NI-NA Road instead??? Sounds so much better, and means so much nicer.

I SAW: a photographer lying down on the street pathway trying to shoot a sunset picture of the building across the street.

And I SAID: Whoaahhhh !!! Wah Lau !!! The street got so many Chiaou Sai (bird droppings) you also lie down like that meh?? Such spirit. Such passion for photography. Now, how do you feel if you know someone was standing behind you taking this photo?? Hiak Hiak Hiak !!

Man, when we see something, of course there are so many things that we wish to say, but sometimes we refrain ourselves from saying too much, or to say anything at all. Like the quote I included at the bottom of my side navigational bar: some things are best kept secret, once spoken, everything changes.

I guess our mouth got itchy most of the time, and we tend to say things that are easily misintepreted and cause unpredictable things to happen. Like the Danish Newspaper commented too much on the Islam religion in the cartoon strips (click)

ABDULLAH BADAWI SAW: Sarawak Tribune republishing a thumbnail of the offensive Cartoon Strip.

And ABDULLAH BADAWI SAID: SUSPEND Sarawak Tribune INDEFINITELY !!! Muahahahahahaaaaaa.....

And I SAID: What the ...... ???? !!!!!

Side Note: Who would have thought that Sarawak Tribune could be banned over such small matter. To me, there have been misintepretations and misunderstandings going around. I have always thought Malaysia as a very accepting and tolerant nation amongst each races and religion. Maybe I was wrong about the mentality of current Malaysians. Just a thought, a harmless thought.


  1. Haha, nice satirical post. Well said!

  2. Hey cynical idealist
    Yeah... Thanks !!!

  3. totally agree wif u. this nation has low tolerance when it comes to things like this.

  4. anonymous,
    well, it takes a lot for people to see and realise something, let alone learn and change. truly dissapointing.

  5. golly! guess i'll have to say everything i see today!

  6. I see your post,I say: You sure saw a lot of things and said about a lot of things.Very detailed...

    *Badawi showing off the prophet's cartoon the size of a booger on his finger....LOL

  7. Hmm, well, the Christians certainly got you to care enough about what they were doing though. =P -aidan

  8. hey wuching,
    yeah, say everything indeed !!

    hey arth,
    those people just do not appreciate humour. I personally love south park, though they insuot christianity again and again, i still love it, coz its comedy, and the jokes may carry hidden meanings, but WHT !!! Its comedy !! they make fun of everyting !!

    hey aidan,
    yeap, you were right on that, they successfully got my attention.

  9. I saw: your last topic of the post.

    I said: Amen.....

    good post robin...i like it!

  10. hey chin kian,

    I saw: you commenting on my blog
    And i said: Thanks !!! Glad that you love it !!


  11. Eh, shhhh, don't talk bad behind their back, you might get your passport confiscated and you became a gay and sent to prison or smth. BTW, heard that the Tribune isn't dead yet, they will revive it under a new name, cos the govt banned the Tribune to show other Islamic nations of their standing against anything in their way for a better Islamic world. The reporter team isn't dead yet and still fully functional. Borneo Post sure gets 2x normal subscription in the meantime tho...

    Disclaimer: I held no responsibility whatsoever for what I said and it's purely a matter of personal opinions only. Sigh, I thought we're a free nation why we had to be so afraid to speak such things? Look at those who spoken out, what happened to them? Er... i better back off before your blog turns into a political hotpot.

  12. hey si hui tan,
    wahhahaa.. no need to be so scared lar.
    1) I did not publish anything provoking or against Islam or what the Gahmen decided to do to Sarawak Tribune.
    2) I only said the truth, Abdullah Badawi DID say suspend Sarawak Tribune indefinitely bah !!! Nothing wrong leh..
    3) I didnt endorse the cartoon strip, nor do i support the act of violence against it. I am on neutral ground.
    4) There was never anything political in this blog, and there shall never be any. I just cited what happened, and commented briefly on that. Nothing elaborate and obvious. Just short talks.
    5) I am a Borneo Post reader, who the F**K cares bout Sarawak Tribune??

    wahahhaaa... but then sad lor, though i never liked Sarawak Tribune, but the way they ended is quite pitiful.

  13. Wah! I must say that u saw a lot n also said a lot! Thanks for the post.

  14. fh2o,
    yeah, indeed i did !!! No worries !!

  15. Well seen, and well said..

    Kanina Road... found in SarawaK next to ST Building?

    It's Pa ya ya lah... aiyo.

    (This bird is not the blog-owner)

  16. hey sharon,
    glad you liked that entry !!! Thanks !! Do come again.. wahahhaha
    sounds like i am doing business

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