Saturday, February 11, 2006

Popularly Messy

Back in my final days in Kuching, on my ever stretching last minute shopping list, I need to get myself some stationeries to bring over to Perth. There are not many good places to get good stationeries in Kuching though. Most places in Kuching would have the same stationery collection that has never ever been updated probably since all the way back in 1995. You will most likely see a ballpoint pen covered with a thick layer of dust, with the price tag proudly displaying the same price as it was years back.

Since I was nearby Popular Bookstore (click), I decided to give it a visit.

Remember my post on the messy shoes at Upwell (click)??

**** Thankfully that was not the only shop selling shoes in town. I had better luck buying shoes elsewhere. ****

Well, was that messy??

Wait, just wait until you see this.

How on earth could a "popular" bookstore come to this?? Do they not have any storage area for those space-eating junks? How can they just pile up all those junks on the already super narrow walkway? I just do not get it, not only I had a hard time moving around the stationery section, looking for my shopping items was extremely troublesome in such horrendously messy condition !! Ok ok, I admit I am very fat and eating all those cny goodies before that did not help any bit, but that is just besides the point I am clearly making here.

Man, from general understanding, restocking is normally done after business hours to prevent annoyance and interruption to the shoppers. This is not even restocking, this is throwing all the stocks in the precious open shopping area !! Goodness gracious, why whould anyone do that. Well, that was in Kuching, I should not sound that surprised after all.

**** Thankfully Popular is not the only bookstore and stationery shop in town. I had better luck looking for my "things" elsewhere. ****

Side note: I have just linked my photo albums at the side navigational bar that I newly created with a new Image hosting website. Kick yourself in and check them out. If you know me from Kuching or Perth, most likely you will find your face somewhere in there.


  1. that's a fire hazard, report them to the authority!

  2. horrible!
    u should complaint!
    wait. dun complaint. my room is worse.
    pretend that you fall over the boxes then you can sue them.
    take advantage of the messy-ness, my friend.

  3. welcome back to aussi us next you want to have a "tour/visit" of sydney!

  4. hey wuching,
    I know i should have reported, but well, like any other kuching people i chose to be ignorant.

    hey cheng sim,
    yeah, probably i should pretend falling over something and then i demand free stuff from the manager as compensation !! good thinking there...

    hey chan gang,
    thanks !! I will contact you if i ever fly over to sydney !!