Sunday, February 05, 2006

Piracy strikes again

I found something rather amusing lately on the news. Please read the following photographed passage.

Sadly, the much anticipated Geisha is banned from public viewing in China. However, kindly refer to the last paragragh of the news.

Just a random thought, since the purpose of banning a movie is specifically to prevent access of the movie to the public, what difference would it make to Geisha knowing that the "pirated DVD copies are already widely available" ??

Now does the ban bear any significance at all?

Pointless, truly madly deeply pointless.


  1. Indeed.. this DVD is also widely available in Kuching .. haha..

    HGot mine at the stall outside Everise

  2. yeah, it feels so guilty not to buy those pirated stuff...

  3. 3 cheers to pirated dvds!! i didn't like that movie thot..:(

  4. the "P" dvd is widely available (the clear version, not the lousy version) in Penang even before the movie was shown on the big screen in cinema, hahahha :D

  5. well, i guesss piracy is everywhere !!! and it kicks ass !!