Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Of Valentines and Heat

The weather has been completely unforgiving these few days in Perth, I can take my shirt off and everything else off sitting down, not doing anything, with the fan on full blast and still sweating like a pig. Arrghhh, I seriously hate such extreme hot weather, especially summer in Australia. Cruel cruel sun. You can feel your hair and skin burning as you walk around under the sun.

Well, this is so much in contrast with what my cousin from US told me about the weather there currently. It is winter up there, and it has been snowing like mad in New Jersey. Heh, speaking of FIRE and ICE.

16 inches thick of snow, house and cars buried. Nice !!!!!

It is Valentines day, and not having anyone to celebrate with makes this poor miserable pathetic hopelessly loveless boy wonder around Perth looking for "intereting things to see". Well, it is Valentines after all, and I was really hoping to gauge in some hot public sex actions. You know, like kissing and hugging, all those sweet stuff couples do to each other in such romantic occasion. Though I am not part of the celebration (since I have been single like forever and deprived of Valentines) but I sure do want to get into the crowd and witness the magic and splendour of Valentines. Well, this is not Malaysia, and I was really hoping for something.

***** To my surprise, i found "nothing" *****

Yes, NOTHING. Everything seems the same like ordinary days.

The shops down in the city do not have special Valentines promotion for candies, chocolates and wine.

The reastaurants do not have extraordinary offer for two.

No one selling flowers anywhere. No flowers on Valentines DAMMIT !!! Arrghhh !! So not real !!

No couples kissing hugging having sex in public you know all those sweet stuff you see in TV that makes you go.. awwwww...

Instead, all I saw was this:

An OLD couple sitting together waiting for the bus. And...

OMFG !!! She was placing her hand at his very very wrong place.

Man, I do not get it. Even a place as disconnected (Ok, thats not the right word) as Kuching has Valentines spirit filling the air. You can see people selling roses and other flowers at EXTREME prices EVERYWHERE. Even Pizza Hut has this promotion of producing Pizza's in the shape of Heart. Cloths and shoes are on special sales just for Valentines. Man, it is the perfect opportunity of make MONEY !!! Like Christmas, Valentines is just another commercial puppet. I just do not understand why such atmosphere is not brought up on Valentines down here in Perth. Maybe it is the weather. Or maybe people here are already so open to each other that Valentines do not mark anything special in the daily carlender of romantic events to run. And it was in the wide open daylight, maybe things will be different when the night comes. Maybe. But so far, the sight of Valentines in Perth is dissapointing to me.

Well, it is not that I care that much about this particular day. Not having anyone to share this sweet moments with just gives me this unsettling feeling, that I am incapable of something that many others are capable of. Like I am lacking certain important element in life and survival. I feel so incomplete. I guess that is just me. No flowers, no chocolates, no sweet kisses, no dinner no sex no nothing. Loneliness is always such a pain for the singles during Valentines.

Heck, it is just one day, one ordinary day. And I shall live by it.


  1. haih why u wanna gf, very troublesome lah! lucky ur single, if got gf si loh! trust me, remember what i say today when u get urself a gf in the future & all sort of headaches that come with her!

  2. wahahaha..
    ok ok i shall mark ur words

  3. Owh how saddd...at least got snow mah...can play with the snow and forget about the lack of expensive prizes...don't sound so bad...while we kuching people gotta stick with the mad sweltering weather...the roses sold here will probably die from heat...

  4. hey sam
    errr... the snow is actually in US, not in my place, perth. was commenting on how hot it is at perth, and how cold it is at my cousin's place in US.

  5. If you are interested, there's a VERY lovely lady (very studious and shy) from KCH just down the road from you. she's in Murdoch uni and doing masters in Biologial Sciences. She's always in the labs....have a peek if you are nearby. Introduce yourself to her....you'll never know.

    Valentine's day in a HALLMARK invention. It's what you do with your HEART everyday that truly matters. Speaking from nearly 9 years of marriage and 4 years of long distance relationship plus 1 year of courtship with the SAME guy. Be happy, love others and love will come to you.

  6. hey chan gang,
    hey thanks for the sharing. i guess speaking from experience is truly something extraordinary. there is much for me to see and learn.
    err.. a girl in murdoch?? hmm..