Tuesday, February 07, 2006

of tickets and shoes

Things have not worked out very smoothly for me recently and I had no options but to make my flight ticket purchase at such late hour. Yes, only today that I moved my huge heavy ass to the local MAS office to find my way back to Perth.

When I arrived at the office, like everyone else, I needed to obtain the number queue and wait my pathetic turn. I pressed the button on the machine, and number 142 came out. The current counter was servicing customer number 110, hence I needed to sit my ass on the worn sofa and do nothing for the next 32 customers before me. I worried not, for I am a very patient boy.

Fortunately, I saw a blessed friend-girl of mine, whom I knew from the college days waiting for her turn too. She was holding a number 129. On the spot, she passed another sheet of number.. 130 for me !!! Seemed like she has got herself 2 numbers, and saved one for fortunate souls like me !!! How generous she was !! God Bless you Fiona Wan !!

And so instead of waiting 32 turns I only have to wait less than 20 turns. I felt so lucky. Not to mention having a friend to talk to makes killing time so much more less stressful and enjoyable. Apparentlly Fiona is studying in Curtin University and doing very well herself over there !! Good on you !!

And I got to my turn, and did the stuff I came to do. Of course, I got myself a ticket to Perth, not the best choice to grab, but I would just have to make do of what is there for me. I am leaving soon, like really, really soon.

After I got my ticket, off I went to do some shopping. Here is my shopping list:

New shoes and some cloths
A new watch
Few Boxes of condom supplies ----fill in the blanks---
Some Pornographic media to go along with --fill in the blanks--

Ok, the list seems rather inapproproate so I shall not elaborate further.

Looking at the top of the list, I went of to find myself a pair of brand new walking shoes. I remembered Upwell, the supermarket situated just next to the MAS office selling really cheap shoes of reasonably good qualities.

However, when I saw the shop of shoes in Upwell, it did not turn out to be like what I remembered. Somehow, the sight of the shop from the entrance SHOCKED the bananas and papayas out of the worn out shoes I was wearing !!!

Goodness gracious !!! Being too traumatised by the unholy scene, my shoes instantaneously moved my feet away from the shop.

How tragic !!!! What a nightmare !!


  1. oh great sea of shoes! dive in & swim!

  2. Man, those people should learn to tidy up their shop !!!

  3. is that for real???? wat a mess man!

  4. as real as the picture can tell !!! wonder what happened to that shop... shhheeeeshh