Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of Penis and Ice-Cream

There are things in Perth that are done with special styles and presentation that none can be seen elsewehere. I have always loved the ice-cream food chains running around here, namely the Gelato or the Gelare. The freshly made flavours and not too sweet, yet smooth and rich texture of the ice-creams are something that one shall find extremely tempting in hot weather of Australian summer.

I went to Gelare last nite. And I noticed something interestingly familiar. This poster hung on the decorative wall vividly reminds me of something rather similar. Something, more pleasing to the body and soul than just taste buds and sweetness of the creamy confectionary served in scoops. Something, so irresistably wrong.

Oh man, look at the lips. Thick, wet, juicy... *slurp* *slurp* Now is this supposed to increase my cravings for ice-cream, or the other way round? See it whichever way you like, but I call this artistic and purely creative !! Definitely something you shall not see in Malaysia. If you are such an idiot and still could not get what that picture illustrates, go find yourself a pair of scissors, chop your penis off (in case you are a girl, find the nearest guy to you, and chop his penis off) and go to a mirror, holding the penis near your lips. Yeah, that should roughly give you the idea.

The ice-cream dummies, also in the similar shape with the one in the poster. Man, I have never really paid attention to the ice-cream scooped shapes, until last night. Yes, believe me, they CAN make the ice-creams look like... look like....


My yummy-licious Swiss Chocolate Caramel flavour Ice Cream on a regular toasted waffle cone. Phewwwwhh.. that is one hell of a long name. But hey, for the original idea on the "eroctically artistic" presentation, I give Gelare two thumbs up !!!

The shape of the ice cream cone may be similar to what I preciously own, but of course, mine is significantly more dominant in size. And mine does not melt in your mouth.


  1. I knew it!!!You're a cock sucker! OMFG, stay away from me!!!

  2. hey ivan,
    I suck swiss chocolate caramel ice cream ok??
    im sure you would like some too...

  3. penis ice cream! any pussy ice cream? LOL i hope there's no children there, imagine the kid asking mother; "Mom, that picture looks like when you were kissing Daddy's willy!"

  4. hey wuching,
    wahahahaa.. i thought ice cream is the main attraction for kids. but i guess gelare has a wider crowd target eh??
    remember the advertisement in malaysia.. "paddle pop" ???
    oh gosh.. looking back that was rather silly