Saturday, February 18, 2006

Of Hot Babes on Beach

I woke up late today to a wonderful sunshine and clear blue sky. It was sunny, a little windy, and I thought to myself, this was just the perfect time to head down for the beach. One of the things I seriously missed about Perth while I was enjoying my life away in Kuching is none other than the beach, particularly Cottesloe Beach.

Unlike beaches back in Kuching like Damai or Santubong beach that have horriblly dirty and coarse sand that hurts your feet when you walk on it, and the water that looks uglily white (alright, that was a stretch too far) here in Western Australia, the water is blue and clear: the sand is soft, white and clean: and the sun is not too strong. People come to the beach, and on weekends Cottesloe would most definitely be jammed. Kuching just lost out big time on this one.

Ok ok... I admit it, the main reason part of the reasons why I went to the beach was to wash my eyes clean "sight-see" the "views" available there. You know, less cloths, more skin, and if I was lucky, maybe no cloths at all. That sort of thing. Where else can you get all these?

Yeah, of course, there are babes on the beach here, real HOT babes.

You see, you can't say I am a pervert. If the babes have something to show, and the babes want to show them, of course the guys, especially the desperate ones like me would want to see them. There is just nothing wrong in this. The beach is an open space for guys to show their muscles (which unfortunately I have none to show) and chicks to let their sexiness glow under the sun. If the free-large-live-view boobies are not for our eyes to feast on, then what are they for?

The birds? **choke choke choke**

Of course for those who have nothing to show, its best covering your bodies up. Like me, I had full cloths on all the time.

As I walk further along the beach, I found a few rather interesting stuff that I have not noticed before on my previous visits.

Weird structure, I call it the window to the ocean. Nice heh?

Of course, we get crabs at the beach... but... have you seen a rat on a beach before? Found this HUGE fellow hiding itself in the rocks under the bright sun. I guess this rat is either addicted to salt, or simply lost.

Well, as ham sap as I am, of course there is more than sexy babes I love on the beach. I thoroughly enjoy the walk along the coast. The wind blowing wildly on my face and messing up my hair; the sounds of the waves and the ungodly screams of the sea gulls; the splashes of the super-rough waves that wet my shirts and pants; boobies boobies and more boobies; the lovely sight of the blue, clear open ocean that reminds us of how small our existence is in this world, and the many open opportunities out there unknown and unexplored.

It was a good place and time to clear my thoughts, and rethink of my life and the directions it is heading. It was just calm, relaxing and peaceful. One can truly appreciate the mysteries of God and wonders of nature just at the sight of such magnificent landscape.

And the best part of all, Cottesloe Beach is just 30 minutes bus ride away from my place.


  1. wahh.. cannot lar... later is labelled as pornographic blog !!!!

  2. that'll be cool...let it be a pornographic blog..wahahahahh

  3. alamak... is a good good innocent sweet blog suitable for general public viewing.. wahhahahahhaa....
    now who am i kidding.... hmmm

  4. Teruk la you, haha. But I think somewhere in the area got nudist colony. :D But the age of the ppl bathing there not guaranteed to be unsagging la.

  5. wahahahaaa...
    well, after all, i am just a normal guy. hey, there are mixtures of sagging and LOTS of unsagging ones ok !!!!

  6. gyahhh!! i never even experience perth's summer where all the boobies are everywhere!!! gyahh!!

  7. come come !! its summer still !!!

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