Monday, February 06, 2006

of Friends and Garden

I have always treasured good people, especially friends around me. I have come to believe that friends are an important part of my life. A person’s life shall never be as fruitful and whole with absence of good friends. No one can truly live alone, and sometimes, friends can be as precious, if not more as our own blood.

Friends come and go. For the good ones, I try to hold on to, but sadly, as time unfolds itself letting go is another phase of friendship that I find rather difficult to accept.

I am deeply thankful to have good friends surrounding me throughout my life so far. My few circles of friends, each and everyone have their members scattered all around the world. Recently, during Chinese New Year, everyone has been brought back, and boy, did I have a gggggrrrreeeeaaaaatt time seeing everyone and catching up the lost times.

There are many times we share our friendship.

We share friendship through good food

We share friendship through snooker

We share friendship through late night “yum cha”

We share friendship through Dota

We share friendship by visiting each other during Chinese New Year

We share our friendship through a lot of things.

Until recently, there is a newly constructed public recreational garden open to public in Kuching. Surprisingly, the core theme of the garden is ……

Ta da….


And so I present to you the ecstatic Friendship Garden

The Friendship Garden OBVIOUSLY was created to fill in the wasted area of land to signify the bond and relationship between the two countries: CHINA and MALAYSIA. The whole garden (not that huge, if you ask me) is separated into two portions, with the front being perfected with decors and monuments symbolizing Malaysia, and the other part with oversized Laksamana Cheng Ho statue (prominent Chinese figure in history, the statue as observed in the picture above) sailing in a boat across the lake (well, figuratively, the ocean) from the other side of the garden, with traditional China d├ęcor and finishing.

The garden carries an apparent message of peace and harmony to the people. The calm water of the shallow lake with Chinese lotus and fishes swimming inside: as well as the green pastured grass and bushes all around the area create such a smoothing environment for anyone to have a brief walk or jog in anytime of the day. The garden looks quite good at night too.

Of course, my friends and I went to the garden, and we celebrated our friendship there. It is a “friendship” garden after all, and we are all “friends”. What better place there is to get together and show our “friendship” to the world??

Yes, we also share friendship in FRIENDSHIP GARDEN !!!

The four-guy friends…. Showing gay love and affection to each other..

And the three-girl friends, posing for beauty and splendor.

To all my friends in Kuching, you know who you are, I have always tried to be a good friend, no matter who you are. I truly appreciate the time I have spent with you guys, and I am deeply sorry if I have done wrong in a way or the other. To me, your friendship means a hell lot to me, and I would keep it and hold on to it preciously.

Alright, this starts to sound like a suicide note, as if I won’t see any of you again. All I hope is we shall stay friends, and stay true to ourselves.

I also believe that, a friend should not have his/her friends LEFT BEHIND.

Side Note: I blog about people in Kuching, mainly because I wont get to see them again once I leave to Perth. And I will leave soon. To those friends that do not appear in the pictures, I am sorry, but do not regard this as anything to be misinterpreted. The pictures are for decoration illustration purposes only, and do not carry any meaning. Again, some of the photos in this entry are taken from Chun Chow.


  1. oi, i saw Libren!!!! How's he now? he still gaye like secondary years? Didn't see him since left secondary, miss him very much, kekeke.

  2. wahahahaa...
    he is good i guess... now doing his internship in kuching for one sem. so will see him quite often.
    u miss him or his gayeness??

  3. what's this? never see ur frens again kah? don't worry lah, gerenti see them wan!

  4. it's nice to hv friends around u.. make sure that u do keep in touch with them :)

  5. oh wuching...
    i mean i wont see them for a looooong loooonng time after i left kuching.

    yeah alicia..
    staying in touch is also one of the difficult phase in friendship, but im trying my best to do so.

  6. Awww...what a touching entry ;)

  7. yeah,
    since i will be gone (very) soon, all the emotions will come out here.

  8. my pic!!! thief!!! thief!!! hahaha.. jz jk

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