Friday, February 10, 2006

of Flight to Perth

Alright, after the previous soapy-softy-weepy-baby-cry entry, I shall post a rather lighter one this time. Perth, here I come !!

My last moments in Kuching felt rather draggy and lengthy, and I have God to thank that for, since I really do feel my time was insufficient. Without extended time, having limited given time felt extra long is a bonus plus. And I spent my final minutes in Kuching before boarding the plane with my parents. Chun Chow, you are not alone. No one came to see me off. But I was ok with that, since most of my good friends, including you were there to see me off previously. And like I said in the previous entry, saying goodbye has somehow become difficult to me, so save the handshakes, hugs and tears. Oh what the heck.

Kuching Airport has somehow transformed itself over the past two years or so into a smaller version of KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). Seriously, the interior design and layout of the entire floor looked so similar to KLIA that I thought I was teleported there.

Since the place was newly renovated, there were empty spaces, the whole place made me feel empty, open and whole all together. I guess given the right space (the wide open vacant floor area) and the time (waiting for the boarding time) one is inspired greatly to think and feel more elaborately. I could feel my past 3 months passing me by in an instant, as if I was watching those dramas with the summary/recap from the previous episode on the opening or beginning of the show.

Yes, you morons !! There IS a plane that flies DIRECTLY from Kuching to Perth !! Screw those of you going to other parts of Australia.

Once I have rested my heavy huge ass on the window seat, I closed my eyes instantaneously. I guess I had not have enough sleep for the past few days, and the thought of a 5 hour long flight in a crampy and squeezy area was not helping at all. I need a rest. At least, I need a nap.

And the flight attendants kept coming and bugging me with things like these.

This made me recalled a scene from the Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura 2 movie:
Flight Attendant: Would you like to have peanuts, sir?
Ace: Err, no thanks, I have two, right here (making awkward gestures pointing to "that" direction)

A glass of juice? Mango? Orange? Or somewhere in between? I was too sleepy to tell *yawn*

A slip of imigration bla bla bla... **yawn yawn**

I was already halfway dreaming of Jennifer Love Hewitt jumping on my pants half asleep when the food came. Yes, I mean the REAL food. We were given choices of Beef with rice, Chicken with potatoes or Seafood pasta. Naturally I would have opted for Seafood pasta, but somehow, with my mind half turned off, my eyes partially shut and my mouth widely YAAAAAWNNINGG I replied "oooohhh.. errrr chicken". The flight attendant looked at me one kind as if she has never seen anyone that blur before and handed me my meal. And I flash her back my 20 cents smile.

The chicken was not that bad at all, but I guess I was too sleepy to care. I know I had a hard time chewing the lean boobs breast meat since I was not fully awake while I ate. I remembered the potato was quite good, and bee hun salad was sweet and sour. Never knew Bee hun can be made into salad. I liked it.

The Bee Hun Salad, with weird stuffings that I do not quite know. Imagine me half asleep eating whatever that was served. Who cares, as long the food tastes good, and even if it sucked, I would have no choice but to swallow it down. I PAID FOR IT already, and the ticket price was bloody expensive. Ok, pardon my Kuching personality. I know I should leave that behind since my time in Kuching is over.

I continued sleeping of course after the meal. No I do not snore. And later AGAIN I woke up due to emergency announcement:

"ladies and gentlement, DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER WE ARE ENCOUNTERING NOW, please return to your seats IMMEDIATELY and fasten your seat belt"

And the plane was shaking like mad and everyone started panicking and people start screaming, crying, the plane broke into two, and CRASHED at some mysterious island nowhere to be found my anyone else on the planet.

Oh wait, that looks familiar....

Alright, alright, that was LOST. I was dreaming. The ammouncement bit was real, but I could not recall any life threatening expereince while I was sleeping.

Of course, I landed safely in Perth. And headed to my place, checked, the internet is still functioning !!!! Hurray, and so here I am blogging away. Now, I shall continue my beauty sleep which was obviously over-distracted while i was on the plane.

***yaaawn yawn yaaaawwwwwwnn***


  1. Ehhhhh!!!!!!!!! You were on the same flight as me! I had that meal too on the plane, although I found the tang hoon (I think it's tang hoon, not bee hoon) a tad too sour.

  2. hey hey !!
    what a surprise !!! arggghhh !!!
    where are u studying?
    yeah, possibly it was tang hoon, and i was too blur to differentiate the both... wahahhaaaa...

  3. how do u know u don't snore? u were asleep!

  4. wahahhaa...
    well, sometimes i sleep with other people (now dun start those weird thoughts) and i asked if i snored in my sleep.
    well.. so far.... NOPE

  5. Lol, I'm in Murdoch, 2nd year. You're in UWA, rite? Final year?

  6. hey cynical idealist,
    yes, I am from UWA.. but how on earth do you know I am in my final year?? hmm....
    wow.. i have not many connections to murduch.. waahahaha... ive not even been there !!!
    I must visit murduch soon.

  7. Haha, I guessed only, coz Chun Chow is from GRSS, and way way older than me. So if you guys aren't studying I tembak must be around final year. :p Watcha studying?

  8. ohhh... you know chun chow? he was my collegemate back in inti.
    I sm studying civil engineering,hopefully can finish this semester.

  9. :p I don't know him personally, but I've seen him around in school enough to know who he is.

    :) All the best for this semester then.

  10. wooh you are there d hahaha

  11. yeah, I am here to kick asses !!!
    wooo hooooo